House of Representatives Committees

Review of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Annual Report 2003

All Committees in the House of Representatives and joint committees of the Senate and House of Representatives for the 40th Parliament ceased to exist upon dissolution of the House of Representatives at 4:59pm, Tuesday 31 August 2004. Therefore, this inquiry has now lapsed.

The Standing Committee on Economics, Finance, and Public Administration is empowered to enquire into and report on any matter referred to it by either the House or a Minister including any pre-legislation proposal, bill, motion, petition, vote or expenditure, other financial matter, report or paper.

Annual Reports of government departments and authorities tabled in the House shall stand referred to the relevant committee for any inquiry the committee may wish to make. Reports shall stand referred to committees in accordance with a schedule tabled by the Speaker to record the areas of responsibility of each committee.

On 4 December 2003 the Committee resolved to review the Annual Report 2003 of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

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