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    The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

    Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

    For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

    To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

    There is currently a total of 386 submissions and 9 supplementary submissions in the following list.

    1. Ms Goldie Alexander (PDF 23KB)

    2. Ms Dianne Bates (PDF 19KB)

    3. Ms Celeste Sowden-Walters (PDF 26KB)

    4. Ms Judi Nethery (PDF 30KB)

    5. Ms Brenda Flynn (PDF 67KB)

    6. Ms Elizabeth Myburgh (PDF 46KB)

    7. Dr Anthony Tilke (PDF 44KB)

    8. Mr Benjamin Farr (PDF 103KB)

    9. Ms Barbara Kirszman (PDF 57KB)

    10. Ms Maggie Roche (PDF 91KB)

    11. Mr Doug Johnson (PDF 98KB)

    12. Ms Lizzie Chase (PDF 193KB)

    13. Ms Nicola Tierney (PDF 17KB)

    14. Ms Kirsten Wedlock (PDF 46KB)

    15. Ms Jane Taylor (PDF 69KB)

    16. Dromkeen National Centre for Picture Book Art (PDF 828KB)

    17. Ms Lindy Batchelor (PDF 20KB)

    18. Willetton Senior High School Library (PDF 24KB)

    19. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    20. Ms Jan Poona (PDF 32KB)

    21. Ms Amy Scott-Preimonas (PDF 11KB)

    22. Ms Lea Martin (PDF 15KB)

    23. Ms Lee Cutler (PDF 35KB)

    24. Ms Ruth Elston (PDF 54KB)

    25. Ms Annette Paterson (PDF 76KB)

    26. Ms Ruth Sweeney (PDF 21KB)

    27. Ms Jill Duffield (PDF 116KB)

    28. Create a Kids' Book (PDF 98KB)

    29. Name Withheld (PDF 148KB)

    30. Ms Rose Bagoly (PDF 33KB)

    31. Public Libraries NSW (PDF 38KB)

    32. Ms Jennifer Scheffers (PDF 30KB)

    33. Ms Anne Weaver (PDF 154KB)

    34. Dr Sandra Cox-Townend (PDF 95KB)

    35. School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (PDF 49KB)

    36. Ms Barbara Combes (PDF 29KB)

    37. Dr Philip Cooney (PDF 50KB)

    38. Ms Julia Martin (PDF 106KB)

    39. Ms Anni Tokatlian (PDF 481KB)

    40. Council of Australian University Librarians (PDF 54KB)

    41. Mrs Kim White (PDF 26KB)

    42. Ms Dianne Cooper (PDF 90KB)

    43. Ms Chenelle Davies (PDF 876KB)

    44. Ms Verity Davis-Raiss (PDF 17KB)

    45. Ms Anne Flanagan (PDF 21KB)

    46. Ms Helen Stevens (PDF 1178KB)

    47. Mrs Lesley Abrahams (PDF 21KB)

    48. Ms Barbara Harrison (PDF 28KB)

    49. Ms Sue Whitlock and Ms Cheryl Wilson (PDF 581KB)

    50. The Children's Book Council of Australia (PDF 1080KB)

      50.1 Supplementary to submission 50:
      The Children's Book Council of Australia (PDF 104KB)

    51. John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School (PDF 58KB)

    52. Ms Jann Scott (PDF 43KB)

    53. Ms Carol Sheppard (PDF 39KB)

    54. Ms Kate Ryan (PDF 456KB)

    55. Ms Anne Wood (PDF 2017KB)

    56. Ms Anne Henderson (PDF 45KB)

    57. Ms Barbara Braxton (PDF 114KB)

    58. Ms Sharon Uthmannv (PDF 26KB)

    59. Ms Jenny Stubbs (PDF 28KB)

    60. State Library of Western Australia (PDF 27KB)

    61. Ms Angela Maguire (PDF 49KB)

    62. Chris Jaques (PDF 24KB)

    63. Ms Marianne Musgrove (PDF 23KB)

    64. All Saints Anglican School (PDF 87KB)

    65. Mr Jeff Herd (PDF 33KB)

    66. Catholic Primary Teacher Librarians' Association (PDF 99KB)

    67. Ms Anne Hall (PDF 949KB)

    68. Mr Andrew Playford (PDF 34KB)

    69. Ms Victoria Poulos (PDF 18KB)

    70. Ms Tehani Wessely (PDF 29KB)

    71. Q Network (PDF 85KB)

    72. Ms Sheryl Gwyther (PDF 42KB)

    73. Ms Mary Jones (PDF 46KB)

    74. Mr Jamie McKenzie

    75. Ms Helen Boelens (PDF 27KB)

    76. Ms Judith Way (PDF 27KB)

    77. Ms Margaret Jacobs (PDF 18KB)

    78. Ms Lynne Mannolini (PDF 941KB)

    79. Ms Margaret Cooper (PDF 53KB)

    80. Mr Daniel Fallon (PDF 15KB)

    81. Ms Julie Arnold (PDF 23KB)

    82. Ms Marian Smith (PDF 48KB)

    83. Mrs Dianne Mayne (PDF 75KB)

    84. Ms Anita Galli (PDF 34KB)

    85. Ms Patricia Mack (PDF 40KB)

    86. Ms Liz Short (PDF 79KB)

    87. Ms Deborah Abela (PDF 58KB)

    88. Ms Lucy McCarthy (PDF 26KB)

    89. Ms Gabrielle Douglas (PDF 86KB)

    90. Ms Sheila O'Callaghan (PDF 88KB)

    91. Ms Anne Barwood (PDF 28KB)

    92. Ms Angela Anderson (PDF 25KB)

    93. Ms Alex Kersemakers (PDF 52KB)

    94. Ms Doreen Hopkins (PDF 52KB)

    95. Ms Greta Caneva (PDF 31KB)

    96. Central Coast Teacher Librarian Network (Secondary) (PDF 1095KB)

    97. Ms Susan Bryant (PDF 61KB)

    98. Ms Clare Treloar (PDF 28KB)

    99. Name Withheld (PDF 127KB)

    100. Sutherland Shire Teacher Librarian Network (PDF 83KB)

    101. Ms Heather Kelsall (PDF 27KB)

    102. Ms Dee White (PDF 35KB)

    103. Children's Book Council of Australia – NSW Branch (PDF 346KB)

    104. The Hub: Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia (PDF 299KB)
      Attachment B (PDF 1457KB)
      Attachment C (PDF 1863KB)
      Attachment D (PDF 158KB)

      104.1 Supplementary to submission 104:

    105. Western Association of Teacher Librarians NSW (PDF 100KB)

    106. Australian Society of Authors (PDF 66KB)

    107. Illawarra School Library Association (PDF 92KB)

    108. Charles Sturt University (PDF 1195KB)

      108.1 Supplementary to submission 108:
      Charles Sturt University (PDF 627KB)

    109. Association of Independent Schools NSW (PDF 240KB)

    110. Public Libraries NSW Metropolitan Association (PDF 1045KB)

    111. Catholic Education Commission NSW (PDF 594KB)

    112. NSW Department of Education and Training (PDF 66KB)

    113. Australian Education Union (PDF 985KB)

    114. School Library Association of Victoria (PDF 96KB)

    115. Teacher Librarians in Melbourne (PDF 112KB)

    116. Victorian Catholic Teachers Librarian Network (PDF 124KB)

    117. VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc. (PDF 61KB)

    118. Monash University (PDF 571KB)

    119. Education Services Australia (PDF 972KB)

      119.1 Supplementary to submission 119:
      Education Services Australia (PDF 381KB)

    120. Tasmanian State School Parents and Friends Inc. (PDF 52KB)

    121. Australian School Library Association, Tasmania (PDF 184KB)

    122. Australian Education Union, Tasmania Branch (PDF 208KB)

    123. Your School Library (PDF 102KB)

    124. Ms Sue Spence (PDF 165KB)

    125. Ms Patricia Corby (PDF 106KB)

    126. Ms Nadia Wheatley (PDF 44KB)

    127. Ms Loretta Kelly (PDF 34KB)

    128. Tranby College (PDF 60KB)

    129. Ms Pam Harvey (PDF 21KB)

    130. Parents & Citizens Association, Corinda State High School (PDF 37KB)

    131. Ms Nicole Jackson (PDF 911KB)

    132. Public Libraries Victoria Network Inc. (PDF 125KB)

    133. Delphian eLearning Pty Ltd (PDF 656KB)

    134. Ms Jane Ducardus (PDF 250KB)

    135. Ms Barbara Voigt (PDF 59KB)

    136. Ms Glenyss Richardson (PDF 37KB)

    137. Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, University of Sydney (PDF 54KB)

    138. Ms Gael Cresp (PDF 163KB)

    139. Ms Teresa Ison (PDF 29KB)

    140. Ms Cheryl Lopez (PDF 59KB)

    141. Catholic Education South Australia (PDF 34KB)

    142. Ms Bronwen Bennett (PDF 84KB)

    143. Ms Anne Longworth (PDF 34KB)

    144. Ms Bernadine Dellit (PDF 30KB)

    145. Saving Aussie Books, Re-visited Campaign (PDF 166KB)

    146. Avalon Public School (PDF 37KB)

    147. Ms Jennifer Jones (PDF 44KB)

    148. Mr Mike Dempsey (PDF 20KB)

    149. Ms Katrina Germein (PDF 84KB)

    150. Ms Maree Girolami (PDF 37KB)

    151. Mr Gordon Bull (PDF 30KB)

    152. Ms Marjory Gardner (PDF 21KB)

    153. Ms Judith Rivers (PDF 41KB)

    154. Mr Peter Macinnis (PDF 37KB)

    155. Ms Joanna Durst (PDF 25KB)

    156. Ms Jane McKenzie (PDF 81KB)

    157. Ms Grantham; Ms Cockshell and Ms Redden (PDF 48KB)

    158. Ms Julie Lake (PDF 123KB)

    159. Ms Glenda Morris (PDF 46KB)

    160. Ms Jacqueline Hicks (PDF 52KB)

    161. Ms Gina Cosma (PDF 52KB)

    162. The Southport School Preparatory School (PDF 99KB)

    163. Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (PDF 90KB)

    164. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    165. Ms Deirdre Moore (PDF 47KB)

    166. Ms Anne-Maree Noonan (PDF 48KB)

    167. Ms Ruth Anish Carmyn (PDF 58KB)

    168. Ms Anne Mc Lachlan (PDF 37KB)

    169. Mr Ian McLean (PDF 39KB)

    170. Sunshine Coast Teacher-Librarian Network Group (PDF 42KB)

    171. Mrs Jeanette Harpley (PDF 1026KB)

    172. Mr David Novak (PDF 31KB)

    173. Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 26KB)

    174. Suncoast Christian College (PDF 1402KB)

    175. Young Australian Best Book Awards Council Inc. (PDF 39KB)

    176. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    177. Ms Liz Jorgensen (PDF 56KB)

    178. The School Library Association of South Australia (PDF 172KB)

    179. Ms Marissa Caluzzi (PDF 1027KB)

    180. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    181. AISWA Libraries Committee (PDF 462KB)

      181.1 Supplementary to submission 181:
      AISWA Libraries Committee (PDF 1315KB)

    182. Ms Anne Pickersgill (PDF 479KB)

    183. Ms Anne Chowne (PDF 526KB)

    184. Ms Mary Nikolakopoulos (PDF 459KB)

    185. Ms Karen Garson (PDF 561KB)

    186. Ms Dorothy Cooke (PDF 461KB)

    187. Mr Darren Johnson (PDF 473KB)

    188. Ms Jan Goldsmith (PDF 472KB)

    189. Teacher Librarians Connecting, South Brisbane (PDF 470KB)

    190. Ms Anne Girolami (PDF 464KB)

    191. Ms Kim Yeomans (PDF 565KB)

    192. Mr Kerry Neary (PDF 502KB)

    193. Ms Cathy Hill (PDF 719KB)

    194. St Stephen's Catholic College (PDF 451KB)

    195. Mr Richard Opie (PDF 450KB)

    196. Braitling Primary School Council (PDF 451KB)

    197. Ms Margaret Kittson (PDF 954KB)

    198. St Rita's College (PDF 513KB)

    199. Ms Elizabeth Williams (PDF 483KB)

    200. Ms Nicole Mangelsdorf (PDF 468KB)

    201. Gold Coast Branch, School Libraries Association of Queensland (PDF 997KB)

    202. Australian School Library Association (ACT) (PDF 1103KB)

    203. The Children's Book Council of Australia (SA Branch) (PDF 41KB)

    204. The NSW Primary Principals’ Association (PDF 67KB)

    205. Ms Grace Kaye (PDF 29KB)

    206. Ms Judith Glaubitz (PDF 89KB)

    207. Ms Jennifer Osborne (PDF 112KB)

    208. Ms Margaret Roc (PDF 82KB)

    209. Ms Margo Pickworth (PDF 42KB)

    210. Children's Book Council of Australia WA Branch (Inc) (PDF 59KB)

    211. Ms Pamela Vine (PDF 591KB)

    212. Ms Jennifer Krassnig (PDF 22KB)

    213. Ms Diane Clifford (PDF 97KB)

    214. Miss Eliana Budd (PDF 20KB)

    215. St Augustine’s Primary School (PDF 124KB)

    216. Australian Association for the Teaching of English (PDF 23KB)

    217. Joint Use Libraries Association of South Australia (PDF 134KB)

    218. Name Withheld (PDF 44KB)

    219. Ms Isobel Williams & Ms Jill Budge (PDF 92KB)

    220. Ms Margaret Simkin (PDF 108KB)

    221. Ms Leonie Paatsch (PDF 24KB)

    222. Riverside Primary (PDF 122KB)

    223. Dr Anne Hazell (PDF 38KB)

    224. Ms Maureen O'Shea (PDF 39KB)

    225. Ms Kate Reid (PDF 116KB)

    226. Ms Jill Budge (PDF 81KB)

    227. Ms Monique O'Shea (PDF 32KB)

    228. Ms Alinda Sheerman (PDF 132KB)

    229. Ms Helen Chapman (PDF 140KB)

    230. Dr Jo Hanisch (PDF 3156KB)

    231. Ms Helen Rushton (PDF 538KB)

    232. Ms Anette Ainsworth (PDF 519KB)

    233. Ms Susan Bright (PDF 801KB)

    234. Ms Robyn King (PDF 444KB)

    235. Ms Diane Johnston (PDF 178KB)

    236. Ms Helen Jeanette Clarke (PDF 36KB)

    237. Ms Helen Stower (PDF 29KB)

    238. Ms Julie Grazotis (PDF 893KB)

    239. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    240. Queensland Teachers’ Union (PDF 948KB)

    241. Ms Gaynor Hanna (PDF 113KB)

    242. Mrs Robyn Markus-Sandgren (PDF 77KB)

    243. Catholic Education Office - Diocese of Toowoomba (PDF 276KB)

    244. Mr Patrick Barrett (PDF 191KB)

    245. British Columbia Teacher-Librarians’ Association (PDF 129KB)

    246. Ms Dianne Lane (PDF 87KB)

    247. Sacre Coeur (PDF 1057KB)

    248. West End State School Future Libraries Reference Group, Queensland (PDF KB)

    249. Mr Keith Mullumby (PDF 77KB)

    250. Ms Anne Anderson (PDF 35KB)

    251. Ms Loretta Kaval (PDF 56KB)

    252. Name Withheld (PDF 71 KB)

    253. Ms Heather Gallagher and Dr Richard Evans (PDF 21KB)

    254. Ms Debbie Posker (PDF 19KB)

    255. Softlink International (PDF 1247KB)

      255.1 Supplementary to submission 255:
      Softlink International (PDF 349KB)

    256. Ms Geri Coughlin (PDF 63KB)

    257. Ms Shiralee Morris (PDF 484KB)

    258. Public Libraries SA (PDF 486KB)

    259. Mrs Sandra Hails (PDF 90KB)

    260. Ms Melinda Adderley (PDF 1016KB)

    261. Ms Vicki Stevenson (PDF 51KB)

    262. The Hutchins School (PDF 419KB)

    263. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    264. Ms Rhoda Gill (PDF 56KB)

    265. Electronic Resources Australia (PDF 1006KB)

      265.1 Supplementary to submission 265:
      Electronic Resources Australia (PDF 111KB)

    266. ATSILIRN (PDF 53KB)

    267. Fintona Girls' School (PDF 1000KB)

    268. Association of Parents and Friends of A.C.T Schools Inc (PDF 890KB)

    269. Ms Sharron Hewer (PDF 880KB)

    270. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    271. Ms Margaret Strickland (PDF 64KB)

    272. Ms Diane Ridley (PDF 60KB)

    273. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    274. Catholic Education Services - Diocese of Cairns (PDF 386KB)

    275. Brisbane Catholic Education (PDF 969KB)

    276. Giralang Primary School (ACT) Parents and Citizens Committee (PDF 36KB)

    277. Ms Deborah Connell (PDF 29KB)

    278. University of Wollongong Library (PDF 66KB)

    279. Mr Victor Davidson (PDF 18KB)

    280. Ms Jan Barnett (PDF 1053KB)

    281. Ms Kathy Faldt (PDF 40KB)

    282. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    283. School Library Association Queensland Inc (PDF 115KB)

      283.1 Supplementary to submission 283:
      School Library Association Queensland Inc (PDF 2311KB)

    284. Ms Kylie Dufty (PDF 48KB)

    285. Mrs Kay Anderson (PDF 20KB)

    286. Mr Andrew Finegan (PDF 22KB)

    287. Queensland Catholic Education Commission (PDF 981KB)

    288. Ms Ruth Buchanan (PDF 71KB)

    289. Copyright Agency Limited (PDF 1077KB)

    290. Ms Pam Lanham (PDF 37KB)

    291. Ms Sally Murdoch (PDF 110KB)

    292. Ms Lynda Nicholson (PDF 33KB)

    293. Ms Rhonda Irvin (PDF 25KB)

    294. Ms Trish Atkinson (PDF 25KB)

    295. Writing WA (PDF 1127KB)

    296. The Children's Book Council of Australia (PDF 367KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 160KB)
      Attachment B (PDF 174KB)
      Attachment C (PDF 218KB)
      Attachment D (PDF 262KB)
      Attachment E (PDF 160KB)

    297. Ms Vivenne Nicoll-Hatton (PDF 129KB)

    298. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    299. Ms Helen Mackintosh (PDF 43KB)

    300. Mrs Lyn Boron (PDF 34KB)

    301. Ms Priscilla Pettengell (PDF 103KB)

    302. Daramalan College (PDF 35KB)

    303. Canadian Association for School Libraries (PDF 72KB)

    304. Mr Barry Payne (PDF 79KB)

    305. Mr Allen Mayfield (PDF 92KB)

    306. Mrs Carrol Rogers (PDF 75KB)

    307. Queensland University of Technology (PDF 1240KB)

    308. Ms Sharon McGuinness (PDF 134KB)

    309. Mr David Strempel (PDF 900KB)

    310. Mrs Joy Payne (PDF 91KB)

    311. Mr Malcolm Anderson (PDF 455KB)

    312. Ms Dianna Walpole (PDF 464KB)

    313. Ms Alison Rout (PDF 467KB)

    314. Mrs Audrey Nay (PDF 194KB)

    315. Ms Dianne McKenzie (PDF 500KB)

    316. Ms Gabrielle McNair (PDF 465KB)

    317. Mr Christopher Cheng (PDF 528KB)

    318. Julian Sortland (PDF 467KB)

    319. Friends of Libraries Australia Inc. (PDF 591KB)

    320. Ms Celia Owen (PDF 511KB)

    321. Ms Carmel Delduca (PDF 464KB)

    322. Ms Sarah Cox (PDF 503KB)

    323. Ms Mary Denniss (PDF 511KB)

    324. Catholic Primary Principals' Association of WA (PDF 923KB)

    325. Ms Linda Blake (PDF 469KB)

    326. Australian Council of State School Organisations (PDF 617KB)

    327. Australian School Library Association National (PDF 1046KB)

    328. Australian Council for Education Research (PDF 472KB)

    329. Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 742KB)

    330. Ms Kirsty Murray (PDF 505KB)

    331. Kerrie Griffith (PDF 468KB)

    332. Australian Library and Information Association (PDF 681KB)

      332.1 Supplementary to submission 332:
      Australian Library and Information Association (PDF 627KB)

    333. Overnewton Anglican Community College (PDF 500KB)

    334. Mrs Liz Skinner (PDF 755KB)

    335. Mr Dennis Granlund (PDF 478KB)

    336. Western Australian Local Government Association (PDF 645KB)

    337. Peta Newsam (PDF 502KB)

    338. Name Withheld (PDF 499KB)

    339. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    340. Mr John Glaubitz (PDF 55KB)

    341. Mr David Morris (PDF 571KB)

    342. Revesby South Public School (PDF 486KB)

    343. Ms Glynis Poole (PDF 516KB)

    344. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 520KB)

      344.1 Supplementary to submission 344:
      Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 131KB)

      344.2 Supplementary to submission 344:
      Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 1019KB)

    345. NSW Teachers Federation (PDF 1062KB)

    346. North Sydney Demonstration School (PDF 507KB)

    347. Australian School Library Association, NSW (PDF 575KB)

    348. Ms Leanne Horan (PDF 570KB)

    349. Ms Jessica Eustace (PDF 38KB)

    350. Ms Rosemary Lathouris (PDF 575KB)

    351. Ms Crystal Mills (PDF 714KB)

    352. Government of South Australia, Department of Education and Children's Services (PDF 1083KB)

    353. Ms Judith Wakeman (PDF 54KB)

    354. Ms Joanne Fiorenza (PDF 74KB)

    355. Ms June Wall (PDF 75KB)

    356. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    357. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    358. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    359. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    360. Aora Children's Literature Research Centre NSW Inc (PDF 127KB)

    361. Ms Fleur Forsyth (PDF 20KB)

    362. School Libary - Lynwood Senior High School (PDF 32KB)

    363. Ms Alison Ryan (PDF 19KB)

    364. NSW Foundation for Public Education (PDF 686KB)

    365. The Western Sydney Young People's Literature Centre (PDF 648KB)

    366. The Federation Committee, Kogarah High School (PDF 64KB)

    367. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    368. Ms Yvonne Barrett (PDF 206KB)

    369. Ms Jenny Fawbert (PDF 47KB)

    370. Mackay West State School, Productive Partnerships - Learning for Life (PDF 86KB)

    371. Western Australian Department of Education and Training (PDF 2719KB)

    372. Association of Independent Schools of SA (PDF 999KB)

    373. Northern Territory Association for the Gifted and Talented (PDF 908KB)

    374. Mr Paul Knobel (PDF 21KB)

    375. Ms Karina Kytka (PDF 28KB)

    376. Northern Territory Government (PDF 1007KB)

    377. Dr Lesley Farmer (PDF 27KB)

    378. Mrs Karen Jones (PDF 59KB)

    379. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

    380. Ms Olivia Nielson

    381. NSW/ACT Independent Education Union (PDF 150KB)

    382. Queensland Department of Education and Training (PDF 890KB)

    383. ACT Government (PDF 1808KB)

    384. Ms Clare Minchin (PDF 16KB)

    385. Mr Brian Bahnisch (PDF 312KB)

    386. Australian Primary Principals Association (PDF 94KB)

    387. Parliamentary-in-Confidence

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