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Appendix B – Hearings and witnesses

Thursday, 26 July 2012-Canberra

Australian Taxation Office

Mr Christopher Bailey, Project Manager

Department of the Treasury

Mr Martin Jacobs, Acting Principal Adviser, Indirect, Philanthropy and Resource Tax Division

Mr Chris Leggett, Manager, Philanthropy and Exemptions Unit

Ms Raylee O’Neill, Senior Adviser, Philanthropy and Exemptions Unit

Mr Kane Travers, Senior Advisor

Mr Marty Robinson, Manager, Household Modelling Analysis Unit

Ashurst Australia

Mrs Teresa Dyson, Partner

Australian Industry Group

Mr Anthony Melville, Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations

Mr Peter Burns, Director, Public Policy

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia

Mr Paul Ellis, Partner, Human Capital, Employment Taxes, Ernst & Young

Mr Paul Stacey, Tax Counsel

Group of Eight

Ms Nicole Gower, Senior HR Manager, the University of NSW

Mr Ron Watts, Chair, HR Directors Committee, The Australian National University


Ms Norah Seddon, Partner

Australian Constructors Association

Mr Adam Lloyd, Group General Manager Remunerations and Benefits, John Holland Group Pty Ltd

Ms Carolyn Cleaver, Group Manager Tax, John Holland Group

Mr Lindsay Le Compte, Executive Director, Australian Constructors Association

Tax Institute

Mr Robert Jeremenko, Senior Tax Counsel

Ms Deepti Paton, Tax Counsel

Ms Elizabeth Lucas, Chair of Fringe Benefits Subcommittee

University of Sydney

Professor Ann Brewer, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Strategic Management

Mr Piyush Bhatt, Director, Remuneration and HR Services Centre

Mr Timothy Payne, Director, Policy Analysis and Communication

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Mr Daniel Wallace

Mr Cory Wright


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