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Inquiry into Australia’s Oil Refinery Industry

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Terms of Reference

That the following matters be referred to the House Standing Committee on Economics for inquiry and report by 5 February 2013:

  1. Identify the current international and domestic trends and pressures impacting on the competitiveness of Australia's domestic oil refineries.

  2. Investigate the impact of declining refinery capacity in Australia on the economy.  This should include analysis of:
    a) current supply chains and their effectiveness in meeting Australia’s liquid fuel requirements;
    b) import price outcomes for consumers from the current arrangements;
    c) direct and indirect employment impacts;
    d) any relevant information on the impact of the closure of Australian refineries, including on downstream activities.

  3. Identify any potential issues for Australia's energy security from possible further closures of oil refinery capacity, noting the findings of the National Energy Security Assessment (December 2011)

  4. Consider the implication of refinery closures on the associated workforce, including age profile, alternative employment opportunities and labour force mobility.


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