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Standing Committee on Communications, IT and The Arts

Inquiry into Structure of Telstra


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Mr Christopher Stephens (PDF 153KB)
2 Mr Geoff Cahill (PDF 378KB)
3 Mr David Booth (PDF 154KB)
4 Mr Dexter Palmer (PDF 2,360KB)
5 Mr Paul Budde, Budde Communications (PDF 615KB)
6 Ms Lynne De Weaver (PDF 88KB)
7 Confidential
8 Mr David Leifer (PDF 68KB)
9 Mr Andrew Edington (PDF 60KB)
10 Mrs D.M Foster (PDF 48KB)
11 J.D Stanfield (PDF 231KB)
12 Mr Geoffrey Taylor (PDF 63KB)
13 Mr Allan Mckay (PDF 64KB)
14 Mr Peter De Glover (PDF 2,452KB)
14.1 Mr Peter De Glover (PDF 1,213KB)
15 Mr Stewart Fist (PDF 1,136KB)
16 Mr Ian Bowie (PDF 538KB)
17 Mr Thor Prohaska (PDF 213KB)
18 Ms Heide Chan (PDF 49KB)
19 Mr Brendan O'BrienNorthern Territory (PDF 1,229KB)
20 Mr Leigh Thomas (PDF 1,197KB)
21 Mr Heimen Julius (PDF 1,272KB)
22 Mr Tim Smith (PDF 77KB)
23 Mr Ross RyanServices (PDF 274KB)
24 Mr Dennis Connell (PDF 654KB)
25 National Competition Council (PDF 2,405KB)
26 Mr Luke Rosendorf (PDF 113KB)
27 Mr Craig Imlach (PDF 81KB)
28 Confidential
29 Mr Peter Lewis (PDF 1,261KB)
30 ACIL Tasman (PDF 3,435KB)
31 Australian Consumers Association (PDF 11,908KB)
32 Network Ten (PDF 2,561KB)
33 Solomon Smith Barney (PDF 1,910KB)
34 Australian Association of the Deaf Inc. (PDF 1,975KB)
35 Comindico Australia P/L (PDF 777KB)
36 Primus Telecom (PDF 189KB)
37 Country Women's Association of Australia (PDF 78KB)
38 Isolated Children's Parent's Association of Australia (PDF 203KB)
39 Interactive Information Institute (PDF 1,189KB)
40 Professor John Quiggan (PDF 2,179KB)
41 Service Providers Industry Association (PDF 650KB)
42 Standard and Poors (PDF 102KB)
43 Westnet (PDF 93KB)
44 Mr Eric Lindsay (PDF 140KB)
45 Mr Tim Hall (PDF 88KB)
46 Mr Mick Bott (PDF 155KB)
47 Mr Harry Dutton (PDF 789KB)
48 Mr Ray Heals (PDF 165KB)
49 AusCID (PDF 178KB)
50 Mr Paul Wood (PDF 245KB)
51 Morgan Stanley (PDF 512KB)
52 Macquarie Research Equities (PDF 2,744KB)
53 UBS Warburg (PDF 903KB)
54 Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre Limited (PDF 2,789KB)
55 CORE Research (PDF 810KB)
56 Hutchinson Telecommunications (PDF 283KB)
57 JP Morgan (PDF 816KB)
58 Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts/Department of Finance and Administration (PDF 5,035KB)
59 Telstra Corporation Ltd (PDF 3,526KB)
60 ABN AMRO (PDF 1,331KB)
61 AAPT (PDF 710KB)
62 Optus (PDF 1,409KB)
63 Australian Telecommunications User Group (PDF 2,541KB)
64 ACCI (PDF 1,222KB)
65 Regional Development Council of Western Australia (PDF 389KB)
66 Government of Western Australias (PDF 2,136KB)
67 Gulf Savannah Development, Cairns, Queensland (PDF 1,005KB)
68 Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union (PDF 6,142KB)

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