House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Communications, Transport and Microeconomic Reform
Planning not Patching. An inquiry into Federal road funding


Preface (PDF)
Terms of reference (PDF)
Abbreviations (PDF)
Executive summary (PDF)
Recommendations (PDF)

Chapter 1 (PDF) Introduction

Background to the inquiry
Conduct to the inquiry
Structure of the report
Availability of the report

Chapter 2 (PDF) Commonwealth role

Delineation of responsibilities
Need for clarity
Current responsibilities
Objectives for Commonwealth involvement
National objectives
Funding responsibilities
Strategic planning

Chapter 3 (PDF) Adequacy and extent of the national highway system

National highway objectives
Relevance of objectives
Assessing adequacy
Industry and community expectations
Industry needs
Community needs
Road system integration
Need for a national system of roads
Composition of the national highway system
Roads of national importance
Determining a national road system

Chapter 4 (PDF) Funding

Commonwealth involvement in road funding
Existing Commonwealth road funding mechanisms
Tied funding
Untied funding
Appropriateness of untied (identified) road funding
Delivery of tied Commonwealth funding
Funding mechanism
Need for certainty
Achieving certainty
Need for budget flexibility
Variations to annual funding approach
Road funding models
Hypothecation of fuel excise
Concept of hypothecation
Hypothecation and Commonwealth road program
Hypothecation and future road programs
Road user charges
Fuel excise as a road user charge
Need for a road user charge
Funding levels
National highway system
Roads of national importance
Black spot program

Chapter 5 (PDF) Administrative arrangements

Commonwealth road funding legislation
Notes of Administration
Existing administrative arrangements
Project approval
Stage 1 Forward strategy report
Stage 2 Preconstruction
Stage 3 Construction
Appropriateness of project approval agreements
Program accountability
Maintenance performance agreements
Scope for construction performance agreements
Contract requirements
Decision making
Benefit cost analysis
Data requirements
Alternative administrative structures
Federal Roads Corporation

Chapter 6 (PDF) Private sector involvement

Resource allocation
Risk allocation
Use of public resources
Borrowing costs
Transaction costs
Forms of involvement
Competitive tendering
Alternative financing
Build, own, operate and transfer schemes
Industry contributions
Other forms of involvement

Dissenting report (PDF)


Appendix 1 (PDF) List of submissions
Appendix 2
(PDF) List of exhibits
Appendix 3
(PDF) List of witnesses
Appendix 4
(PDF) List of participants in inspections
Appendix 5
(PDF) References


1.1  Public hearings
1.2  Inspections
3.1  National Highway System
4.1  Government funding of road related expenditure 1986–87 to 1996–97
4.2  BTCE road contruction price index 1986–87 to 1996–97
4.3  Indexed government funding of road related expenditure 1986–87 to 1995–96
4.4  Indexed government funding of road related expenditure 1986–87 to 1995–96
4.5  Aggregated results for expenditure on the non-urban national highway system 1998–2020
4.6  BTCE estimates of expenditure needs for non-urban sections of the national highway system


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