House of Representatives Committees

Schedule of public hearings (with transcripts)

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Date Location and program Type Transcript
Friday 22 August 2003 ACT - Canberra (Word 494KB) Hearing Canberra (PDF 327KB)
Thursday 21 August 2003 ACT - Canberra (Word 493KB) Hearing Canberra (PDF 403KB)
Wednesday 6 August 2003 WA - Perth (PDF 17KB) Hearing Perth (PDF 730KB)
Tuesday 5 August 2003 WA - Manjimup (PDF 17KB) Hearing Manjimup (PDF 357KB)
Friday 1 August 2003 TAS - Hobart (Word 492KB) Hearing Hobart (PDF 419KB)
Wednesday 30 July 2003 VIC - Ballarat (Word 492KB) Hearing Ballarat (PDF 566KB)
Tuesday 29 July 2003 VIC - Buchan (Word 489KB) Hearing Buchan (PDF 342KB)
Monday 28 July 2003 VIC - Omeo (Word 495KB) Hearing Omeo (PDF 518KB)
Friday 25 July 2003 VIC - Wodonga (Word 492KB) Hearing Wodonga (PDF 556KB)
Thursday 24 July 2003 VIC - Wodonga (Word 504KB) Hearing Wodonga (PDF 625KB)
Tuesday 15 July 2003 ACT - Canberra (Word 492KB) Hearing Canberra (PDF 644KB)
Monday 14 July 2003 ACT - Canberra (Word 494KB) Hearing Canberra (PDF 585KB)
Thursday 10 July 2003 NSW - Cooma (Word 505KB) Hearing Cooma (PDF 773KB)
Wednesday 9 July 2003 NSW - Katoomba (Word 496KB)
          Richmond (Word 496KB)
Hearings Katoomba (PDF 287KB)
Richmond (PDF 475KB)
Tuesday 8 July 2003 NSW - Nowra (Word 492KB) Hearing Nowra (PDF 464KB)

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