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Appendix C – List of exhibits

  1. DVD from Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations – Welcome to our World – Indigenous Youth

  2. TAFE NSW – Time Wize – A resource for TAFE NSW teachers working in juvenile justice centres

  3. TAFE NSW – Procedures for TAFE NSW Provision in Juvenile Justice Centres

  4. Article by Emily Sullivan, Ilise Blignault, Aunt Shirley Duncan and Lisa Jackson Pulver – The Graniators support group program

  5. Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) – Business case for a Kimberley Regional ‘At-Risk’ Indigenous Youth Diversion Program presented to COAG Closing the Gap meeting in March 2009

  6. Western Australian Aboriginal Justice Agreement

  7. Confidential

  8. Indigenous Licensing – Learners Licence Test

  9. From Monique Bond – Project 10% - keeping families together and moving forward

  10. From Menzies School of Health Research – Individual quality of life among at risk Indigenous youth in Australia

  11. Article prepared by Alice Haines – Safe Houses Indigenous Perspective Proposal – dated 13 May 2010

  12. Article by Serene Ferando – Independence Mentoring and Accommodation Initiative – Incarceration Diversionary Initiative for High Risk Indigenous Juveniles

  13. Miscellaneous articles from Kura Yerlo Inc.

  14. Article by Chris Cunneen, Law School, UNSW – Are governments bound to fail Indigenous children and their families and communities?

  15. Article by Fiona Allison and Chris Cunneen – Abstract – The Role of Indigenous Justice Agreements in improving legal and social outcomes for Indigenous people

  16. Article by Damien Howard with David Lines, Kerri Kelly, Raelene Wing, Tim Williams, Helen Morris Numija, Sean Heffernan, Dianne Hampton Nalyirri, Denella Beer, Tanyah Nasir, Eric Thomas, Suzie Berto and Bruce Roggiero – Mixed Messages

  17. Letter from Nicole McGuinness to Ms Colleen Welsh, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Port Adelaide Courthouse

  18. Statistics on Offenders – 2006-07 to 2008-09

  19. DVD from Tess White, Chief Executive Officer, Midnight Basketball Australia

  20. Presentation to the ATSIA Committee by Katherine McFarlane and Mandy Young, Women’s Advisory Council (NSW)

  21. Presentation to NSW Health by Justice Health at Women’s Advisory Council Meeting on 1 April 2009 – Inmate Health Survey Trends 1996 to 2008

  22. Romola Hollywood – Long suspension and expulsion summary 2009 by NSW Department of Education and Training

  23. Queensland Police Service – Justice Entry Program (JEP) Statistics, 3 March 2011

  24. Queensland Police Service – A road to somewhere (arts) program

  25. Presentation to the ATSIA Committee by Brisbane Youth Detention Centre at the inspection on 16 March 2011.

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