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| Joint Committee on Publications

Inquiry into the development of a digital repository and electronic distribution of the Parliamentary Papers Series

Submissions received

Sub No.  
1 State Library of South Australia (PDF 1496KB)
2 State Library of Queensland (PDF 1035KB)
3 University of New South Wales Library (PDF 1244KB)
4 Australian Library and Information Association (PDF 1963KB)
5 Parliamentary Library (PDF 1745KB)
6 Department of the Senate (PDF 3430KB)
7 State Library of Tasmania (PDF 689KB)
8 Queensland Parliamentary Library (PDF 880KB)
9 National Archives of Australia (PDF 682KB)
10 Department of the House of Representatives (PDF 7257KB)
11 National Library of Australia (PDF 2861KB)
12 NSW Parliamentary Library (PDF 956KB)

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