House of Representatives Committees

Inquiry into future water supplies for Australia's rural industries and communities

On Monday, 21 June 2004, the House Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry tabled its report on the into future water supplies for Australia's rural industries and communities.

A copy of the entire report and the individual chapters are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).

An interim report was tabled on 24 May 2004. A copy of the Interim Report is also available in pdf format (PDF 128KB)

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Getting Water Right(s) The future of rural Australia

Preliminary pages Contents, Foreword, Committee Membership, Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations and List of Recommendations (PDF 73KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 46KB)
Chapter 2 Proposals for environmental allocations (PDF 168KB)
Chapter 3 Water policy framework (PDF 122KB)
Chapter 4 Water rights and water trading (PDF 123KB)
Chapter 5 Water use efficiency and related issues (PDF 215KB)
Chapter 6 Other issues urban creep; potable water for rural communities; and competing uses of water facilities (PDF 82KB)
Chapter 7 Research & Developmentcloud seeding; climate change; and water resources (PDF 172KB)
Dissenting report Mr Patrick Secker MP (PDF 23KB)
Appendix A List of submissions (PDF 30KB)
Appendix B List of exhibits (PDF 27KB)
Appendix C List of public hearings (PDF 36KB)
Appendix D Murray-Darling Basin Water Resources Fact Sheet (PDF 36KB)
Appendix E Extracts from Talking Water an Australian Guidebook for the 21st Century, published by the Farmhand Foundation, May 2004. (PDF 36KB)

Click here for a consolidated copy of the report (excluding Appendix E) (PDF 1082KB).

Inquiry information

Terms of Reference

Media releases


Public hearings (and transcripts)

Interim report (PDF 128KB)

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