House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Primary Industries and Regional Services

Inquiry into primary producer access to gene technology


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat.

No. Received from
1 Animated Biomedical Productions (PDF Format)
2 Dr Chris Blanchard (PDF Format)
3 Mr Brendan Patrick Doyle (PDF Format)
4 Mr Robert Anderson (PDF Format)
5 Ms Alison Lyssa (PDF Format)
6 Mr Wayne Hancock
7 Dr Brian Booth (PDF Format)
8 The Cattlemen's Union of Australia Inc. (PDF Format)
9 Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems (PDF Format)
10 WA State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Murdoch University (PDF Format)
11 NSW Farmers' Association, Tallimba Branch
12 D F Cook (PDF Format)
13 Queensland Government: Office of Fair Trading, Department of Equity and Fair Trading (PDF Format)
14 Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (PDF Format)
15 Dairy Research and Development Corporation (PDF Format)
16 Submission withdrawn
17 The O'Halloran Family
18 Mr Mal and Ms Nancy Robinson (PDF Format)
19 Dr Charles Lawson
20 Cattle Council of Australia
21 Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Plant Pathology
22 Mr Alan Griffiths (PDF Format)
23 Waratah Seed Co. Ltd (PDF Format)
24 Organic Federation of Australia Inc. (PDF Format)
25 Nugrain Pty Ltd
26 Novartis Australia Pty Ltd (PDF Format)
27 Cotton Research and Development Corporation
28 Senator Natasha Stott Despoja (PDF Format)
29 Dr Chris Sotiropoulos
30 Heritage Seed Curators
31 Ag-Seed Research Pty Ltd (PDF Format)
32 Frontier Seeds Pty Ltd (PDF Format)
33 Go Mark Food Systems
34 Forest & Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (PDF Format)
35 IP Australia (PDF Format)
36 National Farmers' Federation Australia (PDF Format)
37 Agrifood Alliance Australia (PDF Format)
38 NSW Farmers' Association (PDF Format)
39 Australian Biotechnology Association (PDF Format)
40 Cooperative Research Centres Association Inc. (PDF Format)
41 S A & M A Ward
42 Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers (PDF Format)
43 Mr Doug McIver (PDF Format)
44 Monsanto Australia Ltd (PDF Format)
45 Natural Law Party (PDF Format)
46 Ms Susan Stribling
47 Grains Research and Development Corporation (PDF Format)
48 Western Australian Government
49 Rural R&D Chairs Committee (PDF Format)
50 Tasmanian Government (PDF Format)
51 Mr Russell McGilton (PDF Format)
52 Cooperative Research Centre for Premium Quality Wool (PDF Format)
53 Senator the Hon Nick Minchin, Minister for Industry, Science and Resources (PDF Format)
54 National Genetic Awareness Alliance (PDF Format)
55 AgrEvo Pty Ltd (PDF Format)
57 Public Health Association of Australia Inc.
58 Australian United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association Ltd
59 Australian Food and Grocery Council
60 Australian Barley Board (PDF Format)
61 Avcare Ltd (PDF Format)
62 Australian Academy of Science (PDF Format)
63 Australia New Zealand Food Authority (PDF Format)
64 Australian Raw Sugar Industry (PDF Format)
65 Grains Council of Australia
66 AWB Ltd (PDF Format)
67 Victorian Government
68 Grain Biotechnology Australia Pty Ltd
69 Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA Inc.
70 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
71 Australian GeneEthics Network
72 New South Wales Government
73 Organic Federation of Australia Inc. (supplementary to submission no 24) (PDF Format)
74 The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Ltd. (PDF Format)
75 Agritrade International Pty Ltd (PDF Format)
76 The Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association
77 Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia (PDF Format)
78 Interim Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (PDF Format)
79 Queensland Government (PDF Format)
80 Australian Cotton Growers Research Association Inc.
81 South Australian Government
82 Environment Australia (PDF Format)
83 Insurance Council of Australia Ltd (PDF Format)
84 Department of Industry, Science and Resources (PDF Format)
85 Australian GeneEthics Network (Supplementary to submission no. 71)
86 Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
87 Interim Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (supplementary to submission no. 78)

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