House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs

Inquiry into the Management of Commonwealth Fisheries


1 Mr William Mure

2 Kailis & France Foods Pty Ltd

3 Mr Bernard K Bowen

4 Fortuna Fishing Pty Ltd

5 Seafare Australia Pty Ltd

6 Mr G Filmer

7 Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body

8 CSIRO (Division of Fisheries)

9 Sport N Game Fishing Charters

10 Queensland Game Fishing Association

11 Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council

12 Jack Miriklis Marine Pty Ltd

13 Australian Fisheries Management Authority

14 Fortuna Fishing Pty Ltd

15 Australian Institute of Marine Science

16 Game Fishing Association of Australia Inc.

17 Four Ports Management Committee

18 Mr Bob Jones

19 World Wide Fund for Nature Australia

20 Great Barrier Reef Tuna

21 Mr Neil Kelly

22 Osprey Trawling Co

23 Ocean Craft Marine and Diving Services

24 Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association Inc.

25 Weipa Line Trolling Association

26 Northern Prawn Fishery Industry Organisations

27 Mr Noel Harper

28 Fisheries Department of Western Australia

29 Mr GL Kesteven

30 SETFIA South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association Limited

31 Australian Seafood Industry Council Ltd

32 SETFIA South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association Limited

33 Recfish Australia

34 East Coast Tuna Boat Owners Association (Inc.)

35 Dr Jenny Scott

36 Australian Fishing Tackle Association Inc.

37 Mr Dale Bryan

38 Fisheries Research & Development Corporation

39 Mr TF Meany

40 Tasmanian Government

41 Small Fishing Boat Operators Association Inc.

42 Bannister Quest Pty Ltd

43 Traffic Oceania

44 South East Coast Trawl Operators (SECTOR)

45 Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Fisheries and Aquaculture Branch

46 Humane Society International

47 Mrs Debra Lade

48 Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc.

49 Fish Pak Pty Ltd

50 Victorian Fishing Industry Federation (VFIF)

51 Dr Dermot Smyth

52 Queensland Government

53 P & M Williams Enterprises (NQ) Pty Ltd

54 South Australian Government

55 Mr Dale Bryan (Supplementary Submission)

56 Victorian Government, Minister for Agriculture & Resources

57 Mr James A Sutherland

58 Island Co-ordinating Council

59 Tuna Boat Owners' Association of Australia Inc.

60 Kimberley Trap Fishermen's Association

61 Mr Allan Relf

62 Tuna Boat Owners Association of Australia Inc.

63 Mr Trevor Gilmore

64 Mr Neil Kelly (supplementary)

65 South East Coast Trawl Operators (supplementary)

66 Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories

67 C Puglisi and Sons

68 Australian Fisheries Management Authority (supplementary)

69 Ironnet Pty Ltd

70 Neil Kelly (supplementary)

71 Northern Land Coucil

72 Small Fishing Boat Operators Association Inc. (supplementary)

73 Game Fishing Association of Australia Inc.

74 Mr Peter Goadby

75 Queensland Game Fishing Association

76 Australian Fisheries Management Authority (supplementary)

77 Australian National Audit Office

78 Game Fishing Association of Australia

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