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Bioprospecting: Discoveries changing the future

Inquiry into development of high technology industries in regional Australia based on bioprospecting


The committee tabled its report inquiry into development of high technology industries in regional Australia based on bioprospecting - Bioprospecting: Discoveries changing the future in September 2001.

A copy of the full report (PDF 348KB) or individual chapters and other sections of the report are available in pdf and word format or from Government Info Shops (Cat. no. 0118577).

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List of recommendations (PDF 17KB) or (Word Format 35KB)

List of submissions or (PDF 10KB)

Transcripts of public hearings

02/04/01 Canberra
04/04/01 Canberra
04/06/01 Canberra
25/06/01 Canberra
27/06/01 Canberra

Media releases

Government Response: to date there has been no Government response to the Committee's report.

Table of contents of report: Bioprospecting: Discoveries changing the future

Foreword  (PDF 52KB) or (Word Format 93KB)

Membership of the Committee (PDF 52KB) or (Word 93KB)

Terms of reference (PDF 52KB) or (Word Format 93KB)

List of abbreviations  (PDF 52KB) or (word 93KB)

List of Recommendations (PDF 17KB) or (Word Format 161KB)

Glossary (PDF 52KB) or (Word 93KB)


1 Introduction, definitions and inquiry scope (PDF 19KB) or (Word Format 127KB)

High technology products and processes from natural sources
High technology
Bioindustry development
Conduct of the inquiry
Report format

2 Potential for industrial development based on bioprospecting (PDF 43KB) or (Word 127KB)

The need for new products and processes
Australia's potential
Biological resources
Supporting factors
Bioprospecting in Australia
Actual and potential Australian biobased products and processes
How big is the potential?

3 Overcoming impediments in establishing Australian bioindustries (PDF 123KB) or (Word Format 217KB)

The knowledge base
Getting access to biological resources
A nationally consistent access regime
Benefit sharing
Criticism of the proposed access and benefit sharing scheme
Additional issues of concern in access and benefit sharing arrangements
Conclusions about access and benefit sharing
Finding and using bioactive substances
Bioprocessing and bioindustries

4 Regional activity (PDF 49KB) or (Word Format 86KB)

The potential
Case studies

5 Environmental impacts (PDF 30KB) or (Word Format 63KB)

Possible negative impacts
Positive impacts

6 A national strategy for the development of new biobased industries (PDF 26KB) or (Word Format 59KB)

Developing a strategy
Role of Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia


Appendix A - List of submissions (PDF 10KB) or (Word Format 39KB)

Appendix B - List of exhibits (PDF 10KB) or (Word Format 42KB)

Appendix C - List of public hearings and witnesses (PDF 11KB) or (Word Format 40KB)

Appendix D - Inspections and discussions (PDF 12KB) or (Word Format 41KB)

Appendix E - Details of the access and benefit sharing scheme recommended in the Voumard Report (PDF 47KB) or (Word Format 145KB)

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