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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 157 submissions and 43 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Mr Jack Backer (PDF 65KB)
  2. Ms Narelle McDonald (PDF 138KB)
  3. Confidential
  4. Confidential
  5. Mr Oswald Mackay (PDF 68KB)
  6. Dr Jo Harrison (PDF 361KB)
  7. Public Advocate of the ACT (PDF 163KB)
  8. Ms Rosmary Jacob (PDF 90KB)
  9. Confidential
  10. Australian Pensioners and Superannuants' League Qld Inc (PDF 213KB)
  11. Ms Janne van Wulfften Palthe (PDF 427KB)
  12. Mr Julius Abrahams (PDF 194KB)
  13. Name Withheld (PDF 134KB)
  14. Mr David Paton (PDF 249KB)
  15. Supplementary submission 14.1
    Mr David Paton (PDF 247KB)

  16. Ms Jean Lehmann (PDF 125KB)
  17. Mr Stanley Hall (PDF 57KB)
  18. Confidential
  19. Country Women's Association of New South Wales (PDF 603KB)
  20. The Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages (PDF 342KB)
  21. Mr Rodney Finn (PDF 104KB)
  22. Mr Kenneth J Leslie OAM (PDF 336KB)
  23. The Queensland Country Women's Association (PDF 107KB)
  24. Mr Fred J Graf (PDF 39KB)
  25. Confidential
  26. Miss Beryl Gardner (PDF 39KB)
  27. Assets and Ageing Research Team, University of Queensland (PDF 925KB)
  28. Catholic Women's League Australia Inc (PDF 693KB)
  29. Mr J A Sanderson (PDF 192KB)
  30. Confidential
  31. Supplementary submission 29.1

  32. Mr Aveo Newmarket (PDF 98KB)
  33. Mr and Mrs Leo and Frances Kelly (PDF 82KB)
  34. Mr C J Allsworth (PDF 1167KB)
  35. Association of Independent Retirees Ltd, Melb Bayside Branch (PDF 468KB)
  36. Confidential
  37. Confidential
  38. Supplementary submission 35.1

  39. Mr John Maschmedt (PDF 114KB)
  40. Confidential
  41. Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc (PDF 610KB)
  42. Supplementary submission 38.1
    Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc (PDF 478KB)

  43. Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 924KB)
  44. Supplementary submission 39.1
    Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 213KB)

  45. Australian Institute of Criminology (PDF 1184KB)
  46. Supplementary submission 40.1
    Australian Institute of Criminology (PDF 341KB)

  47. Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic) Inc (PDF 1382KB)
  48. Ms Gwen Dowling (PDF 597KB)
  49. Confidential
  50. Confidential
  51. Mr John Sullivan (PDF 67KB)
  52. Dr N J Duncan (PDF 83KB)
  53. Supplementary submission 46.1
    Dr N J Duncan (PDF 1041KB)

  54. Ms Margaret Jones (PDF 195KB)
  55. Mr Bryan J Milner (PDF 93KB)
  56. Mr Anthony J Walsh (PDF 63KB)
  57. The Law Society of Western Australia (PDF 326KB)
  58. Confidential
  59. Ms Josephine Smyth (PDF 108KB)
  60. Supplementary submission 52.1
    Ms Josephine Smyth (PDF 207KB)

  61. Confidential
  62. Supplementary submission 53.1
    Mr Frank J Graf (PDF 152KB)

  63. Mr Keith Topham (PDF 216KB)
  64. Alzheimer's Australia (PDF 208KB)
  65. Supplementary submission 55.1
    Alzheimer's Australia (PDF 536KB)

  66. Confidential
  67. Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre (PDF 227KB)
  68. COTA Over 50s (PDF 1209KB)
  69. Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc (PDF 816KB)
  70. Confidential
  71. Mr James Redner (PDF 262KB)
  72. Mr John Mayger (PDF 426KB)
  73. Supplementary submission 62.1
    Mr John Mayger (PDF 219KB)

    Supplementary submission 62.2

  74. Confidential
  75. Ms Merril Williams (PDF 204KB)
  76. Confidential
  77. Supplementary submission 65.1

    Supplementary submission 65.2

  78. Australian Medical Association (PDF 589KB)
  79. National Seniors Association (PDF 991KB)
  80. Supplementary submission 67.1
    National Seniors Association (PDF 356KB)

  81. Trustee Corporations Association of Australia (PDF 522KB)
  82. Redfern Legal Centre (PDF 194KB)
  83. Public Advocate of Victoria (PDF 1447KB)
  84. Supplementary submission 70.1
    Public Advocate of Victoria (PDF 104KB)

  85. Advocare Incorporated (PDF 431KB)
  86. Supplementary submission 71.1
    Advocare Incorporated (PDF 180KB)

  87. Public Trustee NSW (PDF 1157KB)
  88. Supplementary submission 72.1
    Public Trustee NSW (PDF 590KB)

  89. The Australian Guardianship and Administration Committee (PDF 644KB)
  90. Western Australian Government (PDF 1462KB)
  91. NSW Guardianship Tribunal (PDF 262KB)
  92. Public Advocate Qld (PDF 1313KB)
  93. Council on the Ageing (SA) (PDF 983KB)
  94. Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 1099KB)
  95. Supplementary submission 78.1
    Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 178KB)

  96. Confidential
  97. Supplementary submission 79.1

  98. Public Advocate of Western Australia (PDF 651KB)
  99. Supplementary submission 80.1
    Public Advocate of Western Australia (PDF 228KB)

  100. Carers Queensland (PDF 645KB)
  101. Supplementary submission 81.1
    Carers Queensland (PDF 353KB)

  102. The Benevolent Society (PDF 177KB)
  103. Name Withheld (PDF 72KB)
  104. Supplementary submission 83.1
    Name Withheld (PDF 50KB)

  105. Mr E A Atkinson (PDF 83KB)
  106. Supplementary submission 84.1
    Mr E A Atkinson (PDF 114KB)

  107. Mr Robert Harvie (PDF 366KB)
  108. Aged Care Crisis Team (PDF 251KB)
  109. Confidential
  110. State Trustee Limited (PDF 270KB)
  111. Christian Science Committee on Publication (PDF 1286KB)
  112. Supplementary submission 89.1
    Christian Science Committee on Publication (PDF 353KB)

  113. Mr Michael Vescio (PDF 393KB)
  114. Supplementary submission 90.1

  115. The Legal Aid Commission of NSW (PDF 318KB)
  116. Supplementary submission 91.1
    The Legal Aid Commission of NSW (PDF 577KB)

  117. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 511KB)
  118. Supplementary submission 92.1
    Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 228KB)

  119. Mrs Maureen Cahill (PDF 431KB)
  120. Law Society of South Australia (PDF 1249KB)
  121. Bendigo Health (PDF 147KB)
  122. Queensland Government (PDF 487KB)
  123. Elder Abuse Prevention Unit (PDF 808KB)
  124. Mr Abraham Simon Sher (PDF 838KB)
  125. National Legal Aid Secretariat (PDF 1327KB)
  126. Attorney General's Department (PDF 493KB)
  127. Supplementary submission 100.1
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 567KB)

  128. Victoria Legal Aid (PDF 602KB)
  129. Law and Justice Foundation of NSW (PDF 478KB)
  130. NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing (PDF 627KB)
  131. Supplementary submission 103.1
    NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing (PDF 158KB)

  132. Name Withheld (PDF 667KB)
  133. Supplementary submission 104.1

  134. Confidential
  135. Confidential
  136. Supplementary submission 106.1
    Mr and Mrs Douglas and Jean Giles (PDF 85KB)

  137. Queensland Attorney-General (PDF 2122KB)
  138. ACT Government (PDF 722KB)
  139. Mr G H Schorel-Hlavka (PDF 2448KB)
  140. Dr John Myers (PDF 144KB)
  141. Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 260KB)
  142. Supplementary submission 111.1
    Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 91KB)

  143. Caxton Legal Centre Inc (PDF 207KB)
  144. Family Services Australia (PDF 675KB)
  145. Supplementary submission 113.1
    Family Services Australia (PDF 607KB)

  146. Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse: Western Australia (PDF 563KB)
  147. ACT Disability Aged and Carer Advocacy Service Inc (PDF 526KB)
  148. Centrelink (PDF 134KB)
  149. Mrs Dawn Brophy (PDF 590KB)
  150. Citizens Committee on Human Rights NSW (PDF 238KB)
  151. Mr John A McLennan (PDF 58KB)
  152. Supplementary submission 119.1
    Mr John A McLennan (PDF 82KB)

  153. Carers Australia (PDF 247KB)
  154. Victorian Government (PDF 3442KB)
  155. Confidential
  156. Supplementary submission 122.1

  157. Confidential
  158. Mr Milroy Martyn (PDF 115KB)
  159. Ms Julie Van Dort (PDF 369KB)
  160. Confidential
  161. Supplementary submission 126.1

  162. Australian Securities and Investments Commission (PDF 2550KB)
  163. ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing (PDF 84KB)
  164. Name Withheld (PDF 427KB)
  165. Older Women's Network - Melbourne (PDF 198KB)
  166. Ms Berryl Glasson (PDF 148KB)
  167. Supplementary submission 131.1
    Ms Berryl Glasson (PDF 162KB)

    Supplementary submission 131.2
    Ms Berryl Glasson (PDF 91KB)

    Supplementary submission 131.3
    Ms Berryl Glasson (PDF 141KB)

  168. Elder Abuse Prevention Association (PDF 258KB)
  169. Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmanaia) Inc (PDF 193KB)
  170. Mr Peter Neil (PDF 134KB)
  171. Supplementary submission 134.1
    Mr Peter Neil (PDF 72KB)

  172. Confidential
  173. Mr John Howard (PDF 151KB)
  174. Mr David Bywaters (PDF 160KB)
  175. Confidential
  176. Mrs Maureen Walsh (PDF 118KB)
  177. Mr Lynton Freeman (PDF 389KB)
  178. Mr Chris Jenkinson (PDF 225KB)
  179. Mr Terry Izzard (PDF 104KB)
  180. Retirement Village Association Ltd (PDF 463KB)
  181. Supplementary submission 143.1
    Retirement Village Association Ltd (PDF 589KB)

    Supplementary submission 143.2
    Retirement Village Association Ltd (PDF 97KB)

  182. Mr Joseph Dignan (PDF 461KB)
  183. Ms Joan Adams (PDF 2136KB)
  184. Ms Carol O'Connor (PDF 176KB)
  185. Mr Neal Lucas (PDF 180KB)
  186. Confidential
  187. Mr Merv Hazell (PDF 99KB)
  188. Victim Support Service Inc (PDF 717KB)
  189. Confidential
  190. Mr Rodney Lewis (PDF 190KB)
  191. Public Advocate of South Australia (PDF 86KB)
  192. Ms Audrey Cooke (PDF 120KB)
  193. Mr Jack Backer (PDF 99KB)
  194. Confidential
  195. Mr Robert Boyne (PDF 380KB)

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We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and acknowledge their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to the people, the cultures and the elders past, present and emerging.

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