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There is currently a total of 21 submissions and 4 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Legislative Council - NSW Parliament (PDF 866KB)
  2. Department of the House of Representatives (PDF 356KB)
  3. Northern Ireland Assembly (PDF 121KB)
  4. Department of Parliamentary Services (PDF 1.71MB)
  5. 4-1 Supplementary to Submission 4:
    Department of Parliamentary Services (PDF 166KB)

  6. Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library (PDF 133KB)
  7. Department of the Senate (Clerk) (PDF 117KB)
  8. 6-1 Supplementary to Submission 6:
    Department of the Senate (Clerk) (PDF 92KB)

  9. Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 1.71MB)
  10. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (PDF 219KB)
  11. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 222KB)
  12. Office of the Parliamentary Librarian (Department of Parliamentary Services) (PDF 464KB)
  13. House of Commons Scrutiny Unit, United Kingdom (PDF 84KB)
  14. Mr Peter Hicks (PDF 3MB)
  15. Public Policy Institute, Australian Catholic University (PDF 245KB)
  16. Federal Coalition (PDF 157KB)
  17. Australian National Audit Office (PDF 297KB)
  18. 15-1 Supplementary to Submission 15:
    Australian National Audit Office (PDF 267KB)

  19. The Treasury and the Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 158KB)
  20. 16-1 Supplementary to Submission 16:
    The Treasury and the Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 134KB)

  21. Business Council of Australia (PDF 770KB)
  22. Mr Stephen Bartos (PDF 21KB)
  23. Department of the Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament (PDF 747KB)
  24. The Australian Adam Smith Club (PDF 193KB)
  25. Dr Charles Lawson (PDF 602KB)

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