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Inquiry into Cybersafety for Senior Australians

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Terms of Reference

The Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety shall inquire and report on the cybersafety of senior Australians, and make recommendations aimed at ensuring Australian law, policy and programs represent best practice measures for the cybersafety of senior Australians. Cybersafety for senior Australians includes issues of consumer protection, such as financial security and protecting personal information, and issues involving using social networking sites safely. In particular, the Committee shall inquire into:
  1. the nature, prevalence and level of cybersafety risks and threats experienced by senior Australians;

  2. the impact and implications of those risks and threats on access and use of information and communication technologies by senior Australians;

  3. the adequacy and effectiveness of current government and industry initiatives to respond to those threats, including education initiatives aimed at senior Australians;

  4. best practice safeguards, and any possible changes to Australian law, policy or practice that will strengthen the cybersafety of senior Australians.

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