House of Representatives Committees

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Conviction with Compassion: A Report on Freedom of Religion and Belief


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions are available from the Committee Secretariat. Submissions are listed in numerical order, and supplementary submissions are also indicated.

No. Received from
1 Mr Ian de Mol
2 Confidential Submission
3 Australian Catholic University
4 Mr D Bates
5 Rev John McNicol
5a Rev John McNicol (Supplementary submission)
6 Mr Peter Nunn
7 Ms Sara Martin
8 Christians Speaking Out
9 Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia Inc
9a Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia Inc (Supplementary submission)
10General Palestinian Delegation
11Mrs V Kenyon
12Mr David Tribe
13Rev Stuart Hall
14Confidential Submission
15Professor Gary Bouma
16Mr Asem Judeh
16aMr Asem Judeh (Supplementary submission)
16bMr Asem Judeh (Supplementary submission)
16cMr Asem Judeh (Supplementary submission)
17Mr Michael de Mol
18Mrs Wilma Allam
19Confidential Submission
20Rev Dr Peter Crawford
21Mrs Filomena Mancia Nichols
22The Humanist Society of Queensland Inc
22aThe Humanist Society of Queensland Inc (Supplementary submission)
23Mr Alfred Sandell
23aMr Alfred Sandell (Supplementary submission)
24The Community and Family Rights
25Mr Neil Ryan
26Mr and Mrs Anderson
27Ms Elizabeth Seaton
28The Humanist Society of Victoria Inc
29Mr Peter Fewell
30Mr Prinzen-Wood
31The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
32Aegean Macedonian Association of Australia
33Tibet Information Office
34Mr Peter D Jones
35Mr Darryl Venz
36Charter 89 Society
37Department of Foreign Affairs
37aDepartment of Foreign Affairs (Supplementary submission)
37bDepartment of Foreign Affairs (Supplementary submission)
37cDepartment of Foreign Affairs (Supplementary submission)
38QANTaR QLD Association Inc
39Mr Graeme Ellingsen
40Australia Vietnam Human Rights Committee
41Rationalist Society of Australia
42Human Rights Commission Baptist World Alliance
43Festival of Light (SA)
44Ms Anita Chauvin and others
45Mr Max Wallace
45aMr Max Wallace (Supplementary submission)
46International Developing Youth Dignity
47Amnesty International Australia
48Mr John Marmarinos
49Mr Elvis Placer
50Mr Anatolij Onishko
51Mr Bob Fung
52Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
53Anti-Discrimination Board NSW
54Mrs Marjorie V Grantley
55Christian Science Federal Representative for Australia
56Christian Democratic Party
57Australians for a Free Vietnam
58Vietnamese Community in Australia
59Australia Tibet Council
60Australian Ownership and Security Alliance
61Religious Liberty Commission of the Australian Evangelical Alliance Inc
62Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
62aHuman Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (Supplementary submission)
63Australian Relief and Mercy Services Ltd
63aAustralian Relief and Mercy Services Ltd (Supplementary submission)
64Mr Geoff Pickering
65Mr D E Smith
66Open Doors International, Pastor Bob Guy
67Open Doors, Mr John Jeffers
68Mr Daniel Parsa
69Christian Solidarity (Australasia) Inc
69aChristian Solidarity (Australasia) Inc (Supplementary submission)
70Mr T Siva Subramaniam
71Executive Council of Australian Jewry
72Voice of the Martyrs
73Mr and Mrs Hiam
74The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Canberra Regional Meeting
75Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre
76Christian Solidarity Worldwide
77The Syrian Orthodox Federation of Australia
78Ms Pat Hillcoat
79The Australian Coptic Association
80Dr Dallas Clarnette
81The Australian Baha'i Community
82Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
83Mr and Mrs B Mitchell
84Confidential Submission
85Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd
86Australian Catholic Social Justice Council
86aAustralian Catholic Social Justice Council (Supplementary submission)
87Confidential Submission
88Ms Eliana Freydel Miller
89Festival of Light and Community Standards Organisation
90Rev Helen Summers
90aRev Helen Summers (Supplementary submission)
91Confidential Submission
92Cult Information and Family Support Inc
93Confidential Submission
94World Vision Australia
95Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign Inc
96Confidential Submission
97Hoa Hao Congregation in Australia/VIC
99Lutheran Church in Australia
100The Salvation Army, Australian Eastern Territory
101Australian Christian Churches
102The Uniting Church in Australia
103Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
104The Salvation Army, Australian Southern Territorial Headquarters
105Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions
106National Council of Churches in Australia
107Social Responsibilities Commission, Anglican Province of Western Australia


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