House of Representatives Committees

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Inquiry into Australia's Maritime Strategy


Submissions to this inquiry have been received from the following individuals/organisations. Copies of these submissions are available on this site in PDF or from the Committee Secretariat. Submissions are listed in numerical order, and supplementary submissions are also indicated.

(To view or print the PDF document, you will require the Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe®.)

Submission No. Received from
1 Commodore Alan Roberts (PDF 375KB)
2 W F Andrews (PDF 630KB)
3 General Sir Phillip Bennet, AC, KBE, DSO (PDF 178KB)
4 Alastair Cooper (PDF 178KB)
5 The Australia Defence Association (PDF 655KB)
6 Centre for International Strategic Analysis Pty Ltd (PDF 1268KB)
7 Air Commodore Mike Rawlinson, (Ret'd) (PDF 83KB)
8 Centre for Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong (PDF 13389KB)
9 The Australian Naval Institute (PDF 3149KB)
10 Australian Shipowners Association (PDF 16134KB)
11 The Navy League of Australia (PDF 375KB)
12 The Maritime Union of Australia (PDF 660KB)
13 Dr Alan Ryan (PDF 1814KB)
14 Dr Alan Ryan (PDF 2808KB)
15 Dr Michael Evans (PDF 2139KB)
16 The Australian Centre for Maritime Studies (PDF 1132KB)
17 Air Marshal S D Evans, AC, DSO, RAAF (Ret'd) (PDF 2139KB)
18 Australian Maritime Defence Council (PDF 743KB)
19 Dr Alan Dupont (PDF 869KB)
20 Dr John Reeve (PDF 2256KB)
21 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 2281KB)
22 Brigadier JJA Wallace AM (Ret'd) (PDF 8032KB)
23 Mr Gary Brown (PDF 2382KB)
24 Queensland Government (PDF 3131KB)
25 Mr Ken Murray (PDF 6105KB)
26 Royal United Services Institution of New South Wales Inc. (PDF 2676KB)
27 ADI Limited (PDF 8076KB)
28 Royal United Services Institution of New South Wales Inc. (Supplementary)
(PDF 1299KB)
29 Department of Defence (PDF 19293KB)
30 Alastair Cooper (Supplementary) (PDF 492KB)
31 Dr Alan Ryan (Supplementary) (PDF 314KB)
32 The Australia Centre for Maritime Studies Incorporated (Supplementary)
(PDF 675KB)
33 Australian Maritime Defence Council (Supplementary) (PDF 545KB)
34 The Royal Service Institution of New South Wales (Supplementary)
(PDF 2055KB)
35 Department of Defence (Supplementary) (PDF 204KB)
36 The Australian Centre for Maritime Studies Incorporated (Supplementary)
(PDF 662KB)
37 Department of Defence (Supplementary) (PDF 1005KB)
38 Department of Transport and Regional Services - Transport and Infrastructure Policy Division(PDF 1641KB)
39 The Returned and Services League of Australia(PDF 4770KB)
40 Australian Taxation Office (PDF 500KB)
41 Department of Defence (Supplementary) (PDF 1733KB)
42 The Treasury (PDF 573KB)

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