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Inquiry into Expanding Australia's Trade and Investment Relations with the Gulf States

The inquiry lapsed when all Committees of the House of Representatives and joint committees of the Senate and House of Representatives for the 40th Parliament ceased to exist upon dissolution of the House of Representatives at 4:59pm, Tuesday 31 August 2004.

On Thursday 2 December 2004, the Joint Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade resolved to re-refer the inquiry.

The opportunities for expanding trade and investment relations with the countries of the Gulf were examined by the Trade Sub-Committee, chaired by the Hon. Bruce Baird MP.

The inquiry reviewed trade and investment opportunities in Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Australia's trade and investment relations with the Gulf States have been growing since 1990. Australia's export success in the Middle East is underpinned by its longstanding reputation as a reliable supplier of quality foods and other primary products. The Committee explored the nature of Australia's existing trade and investment relationships with the region; likely future trends in these relationships; and the role of Government, particularly DFAT, Austrade and EFIC, in identifying and assisting Australian companies to maximise opportunities in the Middle East as they emerge.


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