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Inquiry into RAAF F-111 Deseal-Reseal workers and their families

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 131 submissions and 3 exhibits in the following list.


  1. Mr Paul McCulloch (PDF 236KB)
  2. Mr Gerard Murray - Confidential
  3. Mr Daniel Treleaven (PDF 162KB)
  4. Mr Ron Seymour - Confidential
  5. Mr Barry Gray (PDF 358KB)
  6. Supplementary A to submission 5:
    Mr Barry Gray (PDF 616KB)

  7. Mr K D Fisher (PDF 115KB)
  8. Mr Gregory Andrew (PDF 223KB)
  9. Name Withheld (PDF 1222KB)
  10. Name Withheld(PDF 588KB)
  11. Mr Doug Steley (PDF 228KB)
  12. Supplementary A to submission 10:
    Mr Doug Steley (PDF 278KB)

  13. Name Withheld (PDF 288KB)
  14. Supplementary A to submission 11:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

  15. Mr Stanley Lawler (PDF 835KB)
  16. Mr William Knilands (PDF 1687KB)
  17. Mr Phillip Moon (PDF 1733KB)
  18. Supplementary A to submission 14:
    Mr Phillip Moon and Mr Peter Flannery Confidential

  19. Mr David Stenzel (PDF 280KB)
  20. Mr Peter Wuoti (PDF 1914KB)
  21. Ms Amanda Grady (PDF 526KB)
  22. Mr David Grady (PDF 1144KB)
  23. Name Withheld
  24. Mr Anthony Soper (PDF 173KB)
  25. Mr Glen Corrie (PDF 853KB)
  26. Mr Alan Aburn (PDF 783KB)
  27. Supplementary A to submission 22:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

  28. Mr Raymond Evershed (PDF 476KB)
  29. Mr Andrew Macqueen (PDF 280KB)
  30. Mr Clive Cust (PDF 118KB)
  31. Supplementary A to submission 25:
    Mr Clive Cust (PDF 137KB)

  32. Name Withheld (PDF 312KB)
  33. Supplementary A to submission 26:
    Name Withheld (PDF 91KB)

    Supplementary B to submission 26:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

  34. Mr Robert Tarrant (PDF 180KB)
  35. Name Withheld (PDF 293KB)
  36. Name Withheld (PDF 384KB)
  37. Supplementary A to submission 29:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

    Supplementary B to submission 29:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

  38. Name Withheld (PDF 239KB)
  39. Mr Colin Host (PDF 82KB)
  40. Supplementary A to submission 31:
    Mr Colin Host(PDF 89KB)

  41. Mr Stephen Adams - duplication of Submission no. 53
  42. Mr Geoff Ohmsen (PDF 68KB)
  43. Mr Barry Willis (PDF 267KB)
  44. Mr Dennis Lambert (PDF 270KB)
  45. Name Withheld (PDF 134KB)
  46. Mr Daniel Logan (PDF 219KB)
  47. Mr Jeff Holland (PDF 142KB)
  48. Mr Alan Hall (PDF 47KB)
  49. Mrs Eileen Bate and Mr Malcolm Bate (PDF 218KB)
  50. Mr Neil Clark (PDF 140KB)
  51. Mr Mark Baker (PDF 503KB)
  52. Mr Brian Cottrell (PDF 92KB)
  53. Submission withdrawn
  54. Mr Michael Crowley (PDF 245KB)
  55. Mr Denis Pommer - Confidential
  56. Mr Laurence Carpenter (PDF 1,516KB)
  57. Mr Raymond Bennett (PDF 81KB)
  58. Mr Lex Woods (PDF 152KB)
  59. Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 346KB)
  60. Vietnam Veterans' Federation of Australia (PDF 382KB)
  61. Mr G R Kent (PDF 76KB)
  62. Mr Stephen Adams (PDF 1,394KB)
  63. Mr Colin Host (PDF 87KB)
  64. Mr Geoffrey Maher (PDF 163KB)
  65. Mr Geoffrey Fellowes (PDF 212KB)
  66. Mr Andrew Morrell (PDF 113KB)
  67. Name Withheld (PDF 267KB)
  68. Mr Kenneth Carey - Confidential
  69. Mr Melvyn Funk (PDF 939KB)
  70. Name Withheld - Confidential
  71. Defence Force Welfare Association (PDF 406KB)
  72. Mr Garth Steinhardt (PDF 373KB)
  73. Mr Derek Bannister (PDF 174KB)
  74. Mr Mark Fenech - Confidential
  75. Name Withheld (PDF 109KB)
  76. Name Withheld and Confidential
  77. Submission withdrawn
  78. Mr Van Gent (PDF 75KB)
  79. The Returned and Services League of Australia Ltd (PDF 780KB)
  80. Mr Antony Ramsden (PDF 151KB)
  81. Mr Rudolf Agerbeek and Mrs Elizabeth Agerbeek - Confidential
  82. Mr Tony Brady (PDF 307KB)
  83. Ms Susan Coss (PDF 179KB)
  84. Mr A J Walsh (PDF 372KB)
  85. Name Withheld (PDF 118KB)
  86. Supplementary A to submission 76:
    Name Withheld and Confidential

  87. Name Withheld (PDF 134KB)
  88. Mr Ian Dunkley - Confidential
  89. Mr Rodney Gilbert (PDF 79KB)
  90. Name Withheld (PDF 713KB)
  91. Mr Glen Bowman (PDF 510KB)
  92. Mr David Sayer (PDF 2,878KB)
  93. Department of Defence (PDF 136KB)
  94. Name Withheld (PDF 200KB)
  95. Mr Ian Fraser (PDF 309KB)
  96. Name Withheld (PDF 225KB)
  97. Mr Ray Hutchinson (PDF 1,014KB)
  98. Name Withheld (PDF 247KB)
  99. Department of Veterans' Affairs (PDF 279KB)
  100. Name Withheld (PDF 109KB)
  101. F1-11 Reseal/Deseal Support Group Inc (PDF 889KB)
  102. Name Withheld (PDF 281KB)
  103. Name Withheld (PDF 208KB)
  104. Ms Kylie Stoneman (PDF 127KB)
  105. Mr George Hatchman (PDF 113KB)
  106. L T Lawler (PDF 84KB)
  107. Name Withheld and Confidential
  108. Mr Shaun Major (PDF 124KB)
  109. Mr Roger Lancaster (PDF 190KB)
  110. Name Withheld and Confidential
  111. Name Withheld and Confidential
  112. Name Withheld and Confidential
  113. Name Withheld and Confidential
  114. Mr Jason Griffiths(PDF 132KB)
  115. Mr Ian Richards (PDF 666KB)
  116. Supplementary A to submission 105:
    Mr Ian Richards (PDF 718KB)

  117. Name Withheld and Confidential
  118. Name Withheld and Confidential
  119. Ms Leigh Woods (PDF 251KB)
  120. Mr Andrew Morris (PDF 132KB)
  121. Mr Trevor Allen (PDF 1,001KB)
  122. Name Withheld (PDF 268KB)
  123. Mr Peter Manning(PDF 358KB)
  124. Mr Bevan Victor (PDF 397KB)
  125. Name Withheld (PDF 400KB)
  126. Herbertgeer Lawyers (PDF 1,634KB)
  127. Mr Barry Mallett (PDF 321KB)
  128. Name Withheld and Confidential
  129. Name Withheld and Confidential
  130. Department of Veterans' Affairs
    Answers to Questions on Notice (PDF 701KB)
  131. Mr Peter Bouchier for Mr Christopher Lanser (PDF 173KB)
  132. Department of Defence and Department of Veterans' Affairs
    Joint Supplementary Submission (PDF 1,624KB)
  133. Department of Defence
    Answers to Questions on Notice (PDF 1,602KB)
  134. Department of Defence
    Answers to Questions on Notice (PDF 37KB)
  135. Department of Veterans' Affairs
    Answers to Questions on Notice - Confidential
  136. Cockburn Legal and Consulting (PDF 347KB)
  137. Professor Frank Bowling - Briefing Notes to the Commonwealth of Australia Parliamentary hearing, Canberra - 16 April 2009 (PDF 162KB)
  138. Professor Frank Bowling - Powerpoint presentation (PDF 1,859KB)
  139. Profesor Frank Bowling - Lay Summary of Briefing Notes (PDF 94KB)
  140. F1-11 Deseal/Reseal Support Group (PDF 85KB)
  141. Name Withheld and Confidential
  142. Department of Defence - Answers to Questions on Notice (PDF 14KB)
  143. Exhibits

    1. Study by Leonie Coxon into Psychological Functioning of DSRS spouses (PDF 695KB)
    2. Effects of a desealant formulation, SR-51 and its individual components on the oxidative functions of mitochondria -
      M. Moscova, D.J. Oakes, J.K. Pollak, W.S. Webster (PDF 97KB)
    3. Toxdicology and Industrial Health -
      Genotoxicity studies of a desealant solvent mixture, SR-51 (PDF 146KB)

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