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Review of the Defence Annual Report 2008-2009

February 2012

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013

ISBN 978-0-642-79439-0 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79440-6 (HTML version)

View the report as a single document - (PDF 1.73MB)

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Preliminary pages (PDF 128KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 87KB)

Annual Report review objectives and scope
Focus areas

Chapter 2 Major projects (PDF 321KB)

Multi Role Helicopter
Air Force
Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft
Classic Hornet upgrade
Super Hornet
Guided missile frigate upgrade
Air Warfare Destroyer
Amphibious ships
Armidale Class patrol boats
Collins-class submarines
Replacement of the Navy’s combat helicopter capability
Light Protected Vehicle
Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
Self-propelled guns
Committee conclusions

Chapter 3 Operations (PDF 108KB)

Current status
Current status
Committee conclusions

Chapter 4 Personnel (PDF 156KB)

Recruitment and retention
Current status
Pay issues
Current status
Rebalancing the Army
Current status
Australian Defence Force Reserves
Current status
Gap year program
Current status
Defence Reconciliation Action Plan
Current status
Other Issues

Chapter 5 Other issues (PDF 162KB)

Defence Capability Plan
Progress of the reform agenda
Outstanding litigation matters
Role of the Defence Materiel Organisation
Defence assistance to the civil community
Tender process
Sea King accident
Allegations of phantom contracts
Capital Investment Program
Escape Training Facility
Submarine rescue vehicle

Minority Report – Mr Robert Oakeshott MP (PDF 142KB)

Part 1: Defence Material Organisation – Personnel and employment issues
The ruling of the FCA
Questions of timing in relation to the use, or misuse, of taxpayers’ money
Legal Council from AGS
The Public Service Commissioner
Ministerial Advice
Part 2: Afghanistan

Appendix A – List of Submissions (PDF 38KB)
Appendix B – Witnesses appearing at public hearing (PDF 54KB)
Appendix C – Federal Court Order (PDF 52KB)
Appendix D – Documents in relation to Ms Jane Wolfe (PDF 425KB)

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