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Review of Auditor-General's Reports Nos. 32 (2008-09) to 1 (2009-10)

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) is required by the Public Accounts and Audit Committee Act 1951 to examine all reports of the Auditor-General which are tabled in the Parliament.

The JCPAA's review procedures are built around a series of public hearings. At these hearings evidence is taken from agencies which have been the subject of recent 'significant' audit findings.

You will find further information about the JCPAA's review procedures for reports of the Auditor-General at Reviewing Reports of the Auditor-General.

On 7 September 2009 the Committee resolved to review the following audit reports tabled between 19 May and 4 August 2009 in the 42nd Parliament:

Reports Nos. 32 (2008-09) to 1 (2009-10)

  • Audit Report No. 35, Management of the Movement Alert List;
  • Audit Report No. 36, Settlement Grants Program;
  • Audit Report No. 40, Planning and Allocating Aged Care Places and Capital Grants
  • Audit Report No. 43, Construction of the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre;
  • Audit Report No. 48, Planning and Approval of Defence Major Capital Equipment Projects; and
  • Audit Report No. 5, Protection of Residential Aged Care Accommodation Bonds.
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