House of Representatives Committees

Environmental Management of Commonwealth Land


Chair Mr W E Truss MP
Deputy Chair Hon. J A Crosio MP
Members Mr L J Anthony MP
Mr B F Billson MP
Hon. R J Brown, MP[1]
Mr E H Cameron MP
Mr W G Entsch MP
Mr J B Hockey MP
Mr H A Jenkins MP
Miss J M Kelly MP
Hon. Dr C M Lawrence MP
Hon. S P Martin MP
Mr G R McDougall MP
Dr A J Southcott MP

Ms Susan Cardell
Ms Helen Collins
Mr Ian Dundas (Committee Secretary)
Dr Sarah Hnatiuk

[1] On 12 February the Hon R J Brown replaced Mr J Langmore who resigned from the House of Representatives on 9 December 1996.


The need for a Commonwealth contaminated sites policy framework (paragraph 3.10)

The response to the unexploded ordnance problem (paragraph 3.13)

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