House of Representatives Committees

Inquiry into the regulatory arrangements for trading in greenhouse gas emissions - Interim Report

List of Submissions

The following submissions have been authorised for publication. Submissions received in electronic format are available online.

To view or print these submissions, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.

No. 1 Wide Bay-Burnett Electricity Corporation Limited

No. 2 Treebank Carbon Services (PDF format)

No. 3 Augusta-Margaret River Shire Council (PDF format)

No. 4 SFR Queensland

No. 5 NORQEB (North Queensland Electricity Corporation Ltd)

No. 6 Brooks, Matthew (PDF format)

No. 7 Electricity Supply Association of Australia (PDF format)

No. 8 Isentropic Systems Ltd (PDF format)

No. 9 Shepherd, Dr Bruce

No. 10 Pacific Power (PDF format)

No. 11 The Cement Industry Federation

No. 12 Environment Institute of Australia and National Environmental Law Association

No. 13 Queensland Timber Board

No. 14 Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority

No. 15 Metrology Society of Australia

No. 16 Delta Electricity

No. 17 Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Federation of Australia (PDF format)

No. 18 Victorian Brown Coal Generators

No. 19 National Association of Forest Industries Ltd (PDF format)

No. 20 Department of Primary Industries and Energy (PDF format)

No. 21 Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

No. 22 Queensland Conservation Council (PDF format)

No. 23 Solahart Industries Pty Ltd (PDF format)

No. 24 Boral Energy (PDF format)

No. 25 Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Limited (PDF format)

No. 26 George Wilkenfeld and Associates

No. 27 Mobil Oil Australia Limited (PDF format)

No. 28 CO2 Forest Sinks Pty Ltd (PDF format)

No. 29 Australian Automobile Association (PDF format)

No. 30 Woodside Petroleum Limited

No. 31 Forests & Forest Industry Council of Tasmania

No. 32 National Farmers' Federation (PDF format)

No. 33 Environment Management Industry Association of Australia (PDF format)

No. 34 MTIA (PDF format)

No. 35 Australian Aluminium Council

No. 36 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF format)

No. 37 Australian Institute of Petroleum (PDF format)

No. 38 National Standards Commission

No. 39 Universal Greening Group (PDF format)

No. 40 Australian Cogeneration Association (PDF format)

No. 41 New South Wales Government

No. 42 Australian Chamber of Manufactures (PDF format)

No. 43 Stanwell Corporation Limited

No. 44 CSIRO Land and Water (PDF format)

No. 45 The Australian Gas Association (PDF format)

No. 46 Landcare Foundation Victoria (PDF format)

No. 47 Bureau of Resource Sciences (PDF format)

No. 48 Treebank Carbon Services (supplementary submission) (PDF format)

No. 49 Plantations Australia

No. 50 South Australian Government (PDF format)

No. 51 Yallourn Energy Pty Ltd

No. 52 Western Australian Government

No. 53 Department of Finance and Administration (PDF format)

No. 54 Australian Greenhouse Office (PDF format)

No. 55 Victorian Government

No. 56 Sydney Futures Exchange (PDF format)

No. 57 Australian Conservation Foundation

No. 58 Friends of the Earth Australia (PDF format)

No. 59 Queensland Government (PDF format)

No. 60 Shire of Melton

No. 61 Trust for Nature (PDF format)

No. 62 Isentropic Systems Ltd (supplementary submission)

No. 63 Dr David Thorp (PDF format)

No. 64 Department of Industry, Science and Tourism (PDF format)

No. 65 Australian Magnesium Corporation (PDF format)

No. 66 Australian Securities Commission

No. 67 McKean & Park

No. 68 Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy and Related Greenhouse Gas Abatement Technologies (PDF format)

No. 69 Hydro-Electric Corporation,Tasmania (PDF format)

No. 70 McKean & Park Lawyers & Consultants (supplementary submission)

No. 71 McKean & Park Lawyers & Consultants (supplementary submission)

No. 72 Woodside Energy Ltd (supplementary submission)

No. 73 Australian Stock Exchange (PDF format)

No. 74 Martin, Roger


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