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Appendix B – Witnesses

Monday, 23 May 2011 – Canberra

Smorgon Fuels Pty Ltd

Mr Peter Edwards, Managing Director

Ms Melissa Joanna Cheesman, Advisor

Department of the Treasury

Mrs Brenda Berkeley, General Manager, Indirect Tax Division, Revenue Group

Mr Phil Bignell, Senior Advisor, Indirect Tax Division, Revenue Group

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Mr Richard Niven, Manager, Transport Fuels

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Ms Judith Cotterill, Manager

Australian Automobile Association

Mr Gregory Goodman, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mr James Cameron Research and Policy Officer

Energy Networks Association of Australia

Mr Dale Patrick Weber, Director, Gas and Energy Markets

Friday, 27 May 2011 – Sydney

LPG Australia

Mr Michael Carmody, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Warring Nielsen, Government Relations

NRMA Motoring and Services

Mr Alan Evans, Alternative Fuels Ambassador and Director

Mr Wal Setkiewicz, Senior Economic Adviser

Australian Lot Feeders Association

Mr Dougal Ruaridh Gordon, CEO

New South Wales Farmers Association

Mr Benjamin Mason, Policy Manager, Cropping and Business Economics and Trade

Dalby Bio-Refinery Ltd

Mr Kevin Endres, CEO

Mr David Szymczak, General Manager


Mr Alex Dronoff, General Manager LNG

Mr Colin Isaac, Managing Director

Biofuels Association of Australia

Mr Andrew Hill, Chairman of the Board

Mr Matthew Ingersoll, Board Member

Australian Taxi Industry Association

Mr Blair Davies, CEO

Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA)

Mr Nic Moulis, General Manager

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