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Seeing the forest through the trees

23 November 2011

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011
ISBN 978-0-642-79602-8 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79603-5 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 177KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 256KB)
The scope of the inquiry
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 - History of Forestry in Australia (PDF 208KB)

Softwood Agreements in the 1960s
The National Forest Policy Statement of 1992
Native forests in the 1992 Statement
Plantations in the 1992 Statement
Tasmanian Statement of Principles
Committee Comment

Chapter 3 - Future role for forestry and forest products (PDF 653KB)

Demand from paper, construction and other sectors
Current consumption
Future demand
Committee Comment
Climate change
Carbon Farming Initiative
Committee Comment

Chapter 4 - Native forestry (PDF 1840KB)
Defining and managing native forest conservation values
What is a native forest?
What is an old-growth forest?
What is the ‘conservation value’ of a forest?
How to manage conservation values in native forests
Wood supply security
RFAs and wood supply security
Social licence
Committee Comment
Forest Ownership
Committee Comment
Native forest management
Committee Comment
Native forest products
High value timber and wood products
Chapter 5 - Plantations (PDF 314KB)

Land and water competition
Land competition
Water competition
Committee Comment
Rotation length and sustainability
Finance and investment
Managed Investment Schemes
Environmental impact of plantations
Community impact of plantations
Committee Comment
Products and innovation
Committee Comment

Chapter 6 - Farm forestry (PDF 275KB)

Harvest flexibility
Integrated land use
Benefits of farm forestry
Farm benefits
Local environmental benefits
Local economic benefits
Local community benefits
Scaling, aggregation and the supply chain
Conclusions—supporting farm forestry
Financial assistance for planting
Extension services
Committee comment

Chapter 7 - Using forestry biomass (PDF 117KB)

Forestry bioenergy
Environmental performance
Biomass potential and supply chain barriers
Sources of Biomass
Committee Comment
Carbon Sequestration
Integration of biochar with forestry and agriculture
Committee Comment

Chapter 8 - Forestry into the future (PDF 459KB)

The future of forestry
Making the future happen
Recommendation areas
Additional support
Committee comment
A national discussion

Appendix A – Submissions (PDF 43KB)
Appendix B – Exhibits (PDF 53KB)
Appendix C – Public Hearings (PDF 53KB)

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