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Appendix B – Exhibits

1          Western Rivers Preservation Trust (WRPT)
            Various materials
(Related to Submission No. 100)


3          Forest & Wood Products Australia
            Review of Policies and Investment Models to support continued Plantation Investment in Australia

4          The Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania and the Australian Conservation Foundation
            National Institute of Economic and Industry Research
(Related to Submission No. 109)

5          Australian Forest Growers
            Material presented, Farm forestry Resource in Australia

6          Timber Communities Australia
            Evidence of Campaign Against Tasmanian Forest Businesses

7          Forests and Forest Industry
            Aiden Flanagan, Australian native forest management: Sound or capricious policies

8          Tasmanian Country Sawmillers’ Federation
            S.P & S.E Rice Sawmillers, Log grading for forest industry transition into plantation

9          Tasmanian Country Sawmillers’ Federation
            Ike Kelly OAM, Some history of our industry as I know it.

10        Mr Andrew Lang
            Improving economics of small scale farm forestry processing for grower groups

11        Forest Growers CEO Forum
            Future Wood Supplies from Plantations

12        Legislative Council Government Administrative Committee
            Report - The Impact of the Proposed Transition out of Public Native Forest Management and Harvesting in Tasmania

13        Environment Tasmania
            Tasmania's Native Forests: Places for Protection
(Related to Submission No. 109)

14        Forests and Forest Industry Council Tasmania
(Related to Submission No. 19)

15        Mr Andrew Lang
            Various Documents
(Related to Submission No. 14)

16        Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
            FSC International Standard

17        Prof Jerry Vanclay
            A proposal for Stewardship Support to Private Native Forests in NSW

18        Mr Lexie Hurford
            Northern Rivers Regional Industry and Economic Plan December 2009

19        Ms Janelle Saffin MP
            Briefing Paper - A framework for a Sustainable Forest and Timber Industry

20        Prof Jerry Vanclay
            Action plan for tree farming in Western Australia

21        Prof Doland Nichols
            Subtropical eucalypts plantations in eastern Australia

22        Mr Stephen Dadd
            Boral Timber Projects

23        Mr Nicholas Roberts
            Investing in Forestry

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