House of Representatives Committee Reports

Standing Committee on Industry and Resources

Title: Renewable power A case study into selected renewable energy sectors in Australia for the inquiry into developing Australia’s non-fossil fuel energy industry
Parl Paper Number: 150/2008
Date Tabled: 13/02/2008
Date of Government Response:
Responded in time Specified: No response required
Parliament Number: 41st
Title: Australia's uranium: Greenhouse friendly fuel for an energy hungry world
Parl Paper Number: 421/2006
Date Tabled: 04/12/2006
Date of Government Response: 29/03/2007 View Here.
Responded in time Specified: Yes
Parliament Number: 41st
Title: Exploring: Australia's Future - impediments to increasing investment in minerals and petroleum exploration in Australia
Parl Paper Number: 186/2003
Date Tabled: 15/09/2003
Date of Government Response: 23/06/2005
Responded in time Specified: No
Parliament Number: 40th

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