House of Representatives Committee Reports

Standing Committee on Primary Industries and Resources

Title: Farming the Future: The role of Government in assisting Australian farmers to adapt to the impacts of climate change
Parl Paper Number: 72/2010
Date Tabled: 15/03/2010
Date of Government Response: 30/10/2012 View Here.
Responded in time Specified:
Parliament Number: 42nd
Title: Down Under: Greenhouse Gas Storage
Parl Paper Number: 323/2008
Date Tabled: 15/08/2008
Date of Government Response: 17/09/2008 View Here.
Responded in time Specified: Yes
Parliament Number: 42nd
Title: More Than Honey: the future of the Australian honey bee and pollination industries
Parl Paper Number: 294/2008
Date Tabled: 16/06/2008
Date of Government Response: 12/08/2009 View Here.
Responded in time Specified: No
Parliament Number: 42nd

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