Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Inquiry into the needs of country and metropolitan urban dwelling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

One of the ways that the Committee collects information is to ask for written submissions. The Committee accepts submissions in any format (typed, in electronic form or handwritten).

Listed below are the submissions, for the inquiry into the needs of urban dwelling Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples, that the Committee has received and which the Committee has authorised for publication. Submissions that are available electronically are underlined.

To view or print these submissions, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader ®, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe ®..

1. Ms Melissa Campbell
2. Confidential
3. Marine Enterprises & Construction Pty Ltd
4. Council of the Shire of Wentworth
5. Mr Herman Malbunka
6. Confidential
8. School of Education, Macquarie University
9. Gindaaja Yarrabah Youth Sports & Recreation (Aboriginal Corporation)
10. Greater Taree City Council
11. Confidential
15. Wingecarribee Reconciliation Group
17. Committee for Action for Aboriginal Rights
18. Gungyah Ngallingnee Aboriginal Corporation
23. Ms Maureen Stack
24. Kerry Ryder
25. Mamu Medical Service Ltd
27. First Nations Advantage Credit Union
28. The National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia
32. Confidential
38. Confidential
43. Tranby Aboriginal College
44. Kulai Pre-School Aboriginal Corporation
45. Queensland Health, Queensland Government
46. Confidential
47. Confidential
48. Mr Lloyd Appo
49. Kula-Marra Aboriginal Corporation Inc.
50. Mr Edward Hampton
51. Miller-Beelair Aboriginal Corporation
52. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation
54. Ballina Shire Council
55. Confidential
56. Burns Aldis Community Development Consultants
57 Confidential
58. The Counicl of the City of Wagga Wagga
59. Aboriginal Housing Board of Victoria
67. The Hon John Anderson MP
68. Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
71. Kempsey Shire Council
72. Victorian State Office of ATSIC incorporating Tumbukka & Bijirru Regional Councils
75. Department of Education, Training & Youth Affairs
76. Krurungal Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Welfare, Resource & Housing
79. Australian Education Union
81. National Tertiary Education Union
82. Confidential
84. Brisbane City Council
87. Queanbeyan Regional Council
88. Binaal Billa Regional Council (Wagga Wagga)
89. Sydney Regional Council
91. Confidential
93. Mr Peter Bird
94. ACT Government
96. Ms Janet Narkle
97. Queensland Government
101. Ms Margaret Hornagold
108. ATSIC Commissioner NT (North)
109. Tangentyere Council Inc
111. Government of Western Australia