Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Inquiry into the Reeves Report on the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act

One of the ways that the Committee collects information is to ask for written submissions.

The Committee accepts submissions in any format (typed, in electronic form or handwritten).

Listed below are the submissions for the Reeves inquiry that the Committee has received and which the Committee has authorised for publication. Submissions that are available electronically are underlined.

To view or print these submissions, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader ®, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe ®.

1. Nguiu Community Government Council (PDF 5KB).

2. Australian Anthropological Society (PDF 110KB)

3. Aboriginal Land Commissioner (PDF 46KB)

4. Nabalco Pty Ltd (PDF 21KB)

5. Northern Territory Government (PDF 24KB)

6. Northern Land Council (PDF 280KB)

7. Northern Territory Minerals Council (PDF 8KB)

8. Tim Rowse

9. Kelvin Leitch (PDF 90KB)

10. Tom Petherick (PDF 13KB)


12. Action for Aboriginal Rights (PDF 34KB)

13. Mr E R Petherick (PDF 7KB)

14. Kelvin Leitch supplementary submission (PDF 45KB)

15. Ramingining Community Council Inc (PDF 24KB)

16. ATSIC (PDF 39KB)

17. Normandy Exploration (PDF 15KB)

18. Community Aid Abroad(PDF 44KB)

19. Dr Elspeth Young(PDF 7KB)

20. Dhimurru Land Management (PDF 42KB)

21. Dhimurru Land Management (Supplementary Submission)(PDF 19KB)

22. Department of Industry Science and Resources (PDF 47KB)

23. Indigenous Law Centre (UNSW) (PDF 29KB)

24. Dr Nancy Williams (PDF 10KB)

25. Australian Anthropological Society (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 12KB)

26. Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (PDF 17KB)

27. Marngarr Community Government Council (PDF 29KB)

28. Northern Territory Association of 4WD Clubs (PDF 13KB)

29. Ms Franscesca Merlan (PDF 13KB)

30. Prof Jon Altman (PDF 30KB)

31. Dr John Taylor (PDF 26KB)

32. Dr David Martin (PDF 45KB)

33. Dr Robert Levitus (PDF 21KB)

34. Prof Brian Galligan (PDF 47KB)

35. Mr David Pollack (PDF 28KB)

36. Senator the Hon Grant Tambling (PDF 6KB)

37. Dr Nicolas Peterson (PDF 22KB)

38. Ngurratjuta Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 76KB)

39. Combined Aboriginal Nations of Central Australia (CANCA) (PDF 77KB)

40. Yankuntjatjara Traditional Owners (PDF 8KB)

41. Papunya Regional Council (ATSIC) (PDF 17KB)

42. Mr Dominic Miller (PDF 10KB)

43. Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies (PDF 78KB)

44. Utopia Community(PDF 10KB)

45. ATSIC Supplementary Submission (PDF 176KB)


47. Sir Edward Woodward (PDF 52KB)

48. South East Arnhemland Land Council (PDF 20KB)

49. Indigenous Land Corporation (PDF 111KB)

50. Laynhapuy Homelands/Yirrkala Community Elders & Traditional Owners (PDF 5KB)

51. Communities various - Katherine Region (PDF 114KB)

52. Jawoyn Association

53. Northern Land Council (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 338KB)

54. Jawoyn Assoication (Supplementary Submission)

55. Mr Les Hiatt (PDF 8KB)

56. Anmatjere Association Incorporated (PDF 13KB)

57. Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association (PDF 4KB)

58. Northern Land Council (PDF 7KB)

59. Mr John Ah Kit Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (NT) Member for Arnhem

60. Mr Ian Viner QC

61. Northern Territory Government (PDF 43KB)

62. Northern Territory Government (Supplementary)(PDF 34KB)

63. Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 20KB)

64. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (PDF 9KB)

65. NLC Women's Committee (PDF 20KB)

66. Woolaning Community (PDF 10KB

      Attached Maps(4291KB)

67. Northern Land Council (PDF 210KB)

68. Central Land Council (PDF 207KB)

69. DESART: The Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Centres(PDF 8KB)

70. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissiion (PDF 48KB)

71. Northern Territory Minerals Council (PDF 30KB) Northern Territory Minerals Council appendix (PDF )

72. M A J Hosking