Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2017

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House of Representatives
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Amends the: Australian Federal Police Act 1979 to clarify the functions of the Australian Federal Police to enable cooperation with international organisations and non-government organisations; Crimes Act 1914 to: clarify the custody notification obligations of investigating officials when they intend to question an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander; create separate offence regimes for ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ for the disclosure of information relating to controlled operations; remove an obsolete reference to the death penalty; amend procedural requirements relating to protections of the identity of a vulnerable witness or complainant in a criminal proceeding; authorise collection, use and disclosure of information for the purposes of preventing, detecting, investigating or dealing with fraud or corruption against the Commonwealth; and enable the New South Wales Enforcement Conduct Commission to use and disclose spent conviction information; and Criminal Code Act 1995 to increase the maximum applicable penalties for breach of the general dishonesty offences.


House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 30 Mar 2017
Second reading moved 30 Mar 2017

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Text of bill

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Proposed amendments

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Schedules of amendments

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