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Civil Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

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Amends the:

Bankruptcy Act 1966
in relation to: the Official Trustee; the Official Receiver; the National Disability Insurance Scheme; the offence of concealment; declarations in statements received electronically; indictable and summary offences; and the location of certain offences in the Act;
International Arbitration Act 1974
to clarify the application of the Act to certain international arbitration agreements;
Family Law Act 1975
to: make technical amendments; clarify the appeal rights available for court security orders; and create access to the Family Court of Australia for court security orders made by the Family Court of Western Australia;
Court Security Act 2013
to: provide for the disposal of unclaimed items seized by or given upon request to court security officers; and clarify the processes by which court security orders can be varied and revoked;
Evidence Act 1995
to: reflect changes to the Model Uniform Evidence Bill; remove all references to the Australian Capital Territory; and make technical amendments;
Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986
to enable the National Cultural Heritage Committee to continue to function when membership falls below the maximum number; and
Copyright Act 1968
to extend the legal deposit scheme to include work published in electronic format.