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Second Reading Speeches

Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2020 Measures No. 2) Bill 2020

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House of Representatives
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Amends the

Therapeutic Goods Act 1989
to: enable pharmacists to substitute a different medicine for one that has been prescribed where there is a serious scarcity of the prescribed medicine; allow the making of regulations to establish a unique device identification database for the traceability and monitoring of medical devices in Australia; enable authorised employees in the Department of Health to obtain and possess prescription medicines, or unapproved therapeutic goods, without contravening state and territory laws; allow the making of regulations to prohibit the import, export, supply or manufacture of therapeutic goods that are prohibited under international agreements; ensure the timely availability of COVID-19 vaccines by enabling the secretary to consent to the importation and supply of registered or listed therapeutic goods that do not have their registration or listing number on the label; make amendments in relation to the operation of the data protection scheme for assessed listed medicines; and make minor and technical amendments.