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Second Reading Speeches

Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Bill 2013

Health and Ageing
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Part of a package of five bills in relation to the Living Longer Living Better aged care package, the bill amends: the

Aged Care Act 1997
to: remove the distinction between low level and high level residential care; provide for a means test combining income and assets tests and annual and lifetime caps on means tested care fees; provide for a dementia supplement, veterans’ mental health supplement and workforce supplement to be payable to providers who care for eligible care recipients; enable care recipients to choose the method by which they pay for accommodation, including by a fully refundable lump sum, a rental style periodic payment, or a combination of both; replace community care and some forms of care delivered in a person’s home with home care; extend the community visitors scheme to people in home care; appoint and provide for the functions of an Aged Care Pricing Commissioner; require the commissioner to prepare an annual report; and provide that an independent review of this package is undertaken and provided to the minister by 1 July 2017; and eight Acts to make consequential and technical amendments.