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Crimes Legislation Amendment (Organised Crime and Other Measures) Bill 2012

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House of Representatives
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Parliament no

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Amends the:

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
to respond to recommendations of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement report
Inquiry into Commonwealth unexplained wealth legislation and arrangements
by: ensuring that evidence relevant to unexplained wealth proceedings can be seized under a search warrant; allowing the time limit for serving notice of a preliminary unexplained wealth order to be extended by a court in certain circumstances; harmonising provisions relating to the payment of legal expenses for unexplained wealth cases; allowing charges to be created over restrained property to secure payment of an unexplained wealth order; removing a court’s discretion to make unexplained wealth restraining orders, preliminary unexplained wealth orders and unexplained wealth orders once relevant criteria are satisfied; and expanding the parliamentary joint committee’s oversight of unexplained wealth investigations and litigation; and
Criminal Code Act 1995
to: provide that cross-border firearms trafficking offences cover firearm parts; introduce aggravated offences for dealing in 50 or more firearms and firearm parts; increase the penalties for illegal importation or exportation of larger numbers of firearms; and introduce aggravated offences for importing or exporting 50 or more firearms or firearm parts during a six month period.