Chapter 24 - Conferences

159  Time and place of conference

  1. In respect of any conference requested by the House of Representatives the time and place for holding the conference shall be appointed by the Senate; and when the Senate requests a conference, it shall agree to its being held at the time and place appointed by the House of Representatives, and such agreement shall be communicated by message.
  2. At conferences requested by the House of Representatives the managers for the Senate shall assemble at the time and place appointed, and receive the managers of the House of Representatives.

Amendment history

Adopted: 19 August 1903 as SOs 335 and 336 (corresponding to paragraphs (1) and (2)) but renumbered as SOs 331 and 332 for first printed edition

1989 revision: Old SOs 345 and 346 combined into one, structured as two paragraphs and renumbered as SO 159; minor streamlining of expression


The responding House has the right to nominate the time and place for holding the conference. In the 1938 MS, Edwards set out the steps involved in a conference request from the House of Representatives as follows:

  • A message from the House is received and a time set for its consideration.
  • When the message is considered, a motion is moved: “That the request of the House of Representatives for a conference on … , communicated in message no. … of the House, be complied with, and that the following senators be appointed as managers of the conference – Senators [same number as appointed by the House]”.
  • The next motion to be moved is: “That the conference meet in … [place] at … [time] on … [date]”.
  • Finally, a motion is moved for a message to be sent to the House of Representatives, informing the House that the Senate has appointed Senators [names] to confer with the managers appointed by the House on the … [subject of the conference] and has appointed … as the place and … as the time of meeting.