Chapter 18 - Divisions

104  Correction of divisions

In case of confusion or error concerning the numbers reported, unless it can be otherwise corrected, the Senate shall proceed to another division.

Amendment history

Adopted: 19 August 1903 as SO 174

1989 revision: Old SO 182 renumbered as SO 104


In practice, occasional corrections of counting errors which do not affect the result, and which are usually caused by pairing errors, are made and certified by the tellers.[1]

Divisions are taken again by leave when it is discovered that senators have been accidentally absent or some similar accident has caused a division to miscarry, on the principle that decisions of the Senate should not be made by misadventure.[2] A Senator who misses a division is expected to make an explanation and apology to the Senate.

Corrected division list

An example of a corrected division list