Chapter 15 - Amendments

92    Same amendment

An amendment to a question may not be moved if it is the same in substance as an amendment already determined to the same question, or would have the effect only of reversing an amendment already made.

Amendment history


  • [13 May 1987, J.1849–50, as a sessional order]

  • 21 November 1989, J.2219 (to take effect on the first sitting day in 1990) as SO 92 (former sessional order incorporated into 1989 revision)


Standing order 92 was initially adopted as a sessional order as a companion piece to paragraph (1) of SO 91. Together, these provisions replaced the antiquated practices relating to how the question was put on amendments. Standing order 92 was adopted as a safeguard against obstruction by senators. For details, see SO 91.