Chapter 5 - Standing and Select Committees

General committee provisions

28    Time for reporting

On the appointment of every committee other than a standing committee a day shall be fixed for the reporting of its proceedings to the Senate, by which day the final report of the committee shall be presented by the chairman, unless further time is moved for and granted.

Amendment history

Adopted: 19 August 1903 as SO 286 but renumbered as SO 282 for the first printed edition

1989 revision: Old SO 282 renumbered as SO 28 and repositioned from old chapter XXII on select committees; language modernised and expression streamlined


A final reporting date must be included in the resolution of appointment of a select committee.

Long running select committees of the past twenty years have included various methods of expressing reporting dates in resolutions of appointment or reappointment. See the following select committees:

  • Animal Welfare (17/11 /1983, J.491 –92; 22/2/1985, J.36; 22/9/1987, J.105; 9/5/1990, J.39; 20/6/1991, J.1241);

  • Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising Electronic [originally Telecommunications] Technologies (21 /6/1991, J.1277–78; 23/6/1992, J.2555–56; 5/5/1993, J.66–67; 20/5/1996, J.155–56; 21 /11 /1996, J.1066);

  • Superannuation (5/6/1991, J/1123–24; 20/6/1991, J.1239–40; 25/6/1992, J.2619; 8/9/1992, J.2718; 25/11 /1992, J.3104; 13/5/1993, J.150; 19/5/1993, J.200–01 ; 22/2/1994, J.1278; 29/5/1996, J.255; 22/9/1999, J.1717–19; 14/3/2002, J.186–87);

  • Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities (19/3/2008, J.293–95).