Chapter 4 - Absence of President, Deputy President and officers

16    Absence of Clerk

Duries of the Clerk

The Clerk's duties are performed by the Deputy Clerk or a Clerk Assistant when the Clerk is not available ( Photo courtesy of AUSPIC)

In case of absence of the Clerk of the Senate, the Clerk’s duties shall be performed by the Deputy Clerk, or, should the latter be absent, by a Clerk Assistant.

Amendment history

Adopted: 19 August 1903 as SO 32

Amended: 2 December 1965, J.427 (to take effect 1 January 1966) (position of Deputy Clerk created)

1989 revision: Old SO 32 renumbered as SO 16, language and expression simplified


Adopted without debate or amendment in 1903, this standing order is self-explanatory and has been amended only once, in 1965, to take account of changes in the Senate departmental support structure and, inparticular, the creation of the new position of Deputy Clerk in 1964.[1]