Appendix 7

Casual vacancies in the Senate 1977-30 June 2022

Senator Reason for Vacancy Date Senatora How Appointed Date
Hall, R S Resignation 16/11/77 Haines, J SA Parliament 14/12/77
Cotton, R C Resignation 13/7/78 Puplick, C J G NSW Governor 26/7/78
McClelland, J R Resignation 21/7/78 Sibraa, K W NSW Governor 9/8/78
Webster, J J Resignation 28/1/80 Neal, L W Vic Parliament 11/3/80
Wriedt, K S Resignation 25/9/80 Hearn, J M Tas Parliament 15/10/80
Sheil, G Resignation 6/2/81 Bjelke-Petersen, F I Qld Parliament 12/3/81
Rocher, A C Resignation 10/2/81 Martyr, J R WA Governor 11/3/81
*Knight, J W Death 4/3/81 Reid, M E Joint Sitting 5/5/81
Martin K J Resignation 5/11/84 Parer, W R Qld Parliament 22/11/84
Rae, P E Resignation 16/1/86 Newman, J M Tas Parliament 13/3/86
Missen, A J Death 30/3/86 Alston, R K R Vic Parliament 7/5/86
Chipp, D L Resignation 18/8/86 Powell, J F Vic Deputy Governor 26/8/86
McClelland, D Resignation 23/1/87 West, S M NSW Parliament 11/2/87
Grimes, D J Resignation 2/4/87 Not replaced by Tasmanian Parliament
*Ryan, S M Resignation 29/1/88 McMullan, R F Joint Sitting 16/2/88
Gietzelt, G T Resignation 27/2/89 Faulkner, J P NSW Parliament 4/4/89
Chaney, F M Resignation 27/2/90 Campbell, I G WA Parliament 16/5/90
Haines, J Resignation 1/3/90 Lees, M H SA Parliament 4/4/90
Sanders, N K Resignation 1/3/90 Bell, R J Tas Governor 7/3/90
Stone, J O Resignation 1/3/90 O'Chee, W G Qld Parliament 8/5/90
Messner, A J Resignation 17/4/90 Olsen, J W SA Parliament 7/5/90
Baume, P E Resignation 28/1/91 Tierney, J W NSW Governor 11/2/91
McLean, P A Resignation 23/8/91 Sowada, K N NSW Parliament 29/8/91
Vallentine, J Resignation 31/1/92 Chamarette, C M A WA Parliament 12/3/92
Olsen, J W Resignation 4/5/92 Ferguson, A B SA Parliament 26/5/92
Button, J N Resignation 31/3/93 Carr, K J Vic Parliament 28/4/93
Tate, M C Resignation 5/7/93 Denman, K J Tas Parliament 24/8/93
Archer, B R Resignation 31/1/94 Abetz, E Tas Parliament 22/2/94
Sibraa, K W Resignation 1/2/94 Neal, B J NSW Parliament 8/3/94
Bishop, B K Resignation 24/2/94 Woods, R L NSW Parliament 8/3/94
Richardson, G F Resignation 25/3/94 Forshaw, M G NSW Parliament 10/5/94
Zakharov, A O Death 6/3/95 Collins, J M A Vic Parliament 3/5/95
Loosley, S Resignation 21/5/95 Wheelwright, T C NSW Parliament 24/5/95
Coulter, J R Resignation 20/11/95 Stott Despoja, N J SA Parliament 29/11/95
Evans, G J Resignation 6/2/96 Conroy, S M Vic Governor 30/4/96
*McMullan, R F Resignation 6/2/96 Lundy, K A General election 2/3/96
Devereux J Resignation 7/2/96 Mackay, S M Tas Governor 8/3/96
Ferris, J M Resignation 12/7/96 Ferris, J M SA Parliament 24/7/96
Coates, J Resignation 20/8/96 O'Brien, K W K Tas Parliament 5/9/96
Baume, M E Resignation 9/9/96 Heffernan, W D NSW Parliament 18/9/96
Panizza, J H Death 31/1/97 Lightfoot, P R WA Parliament 19/5/97
Woods, R L Resignation 7/3/97 Payne, M A NSW Parliament 9/4/97
Short, J R Resignation 12/5/97 Synon, K M Vic Parliament 13/5/97
Childs, B K Resignation 10/9/97 Campbell, G NSW Parliament 17/9/97
Foreman, D J Resignation 15/9/97 Quirke, J A SA Governor 18/9/97
Kernot, C Resignation 15/10/97 Bartlett, A J.J. Qld Parliament 30/10/97
Collins, R L Resignation 30/3/98 Crossin, P M NT Legislative Assembly 16/6/98
Neal, B J Resignation 3/9/98 Hutchins, S P NSW Parliament 14/10/98
Parer, W R Resignation 11/2/00 Brandis, G.H Qld Parliament 16/5/00
Brownhill, D G C Resignation 14/4/00 Macdonald, J A L NSW Parliament 4/5/00
Quirke, J Resignation 15/8/00 Buckland, G F SA Governor 14/9/00
Woodley, J Resignation 27/7/01 Cherry, J C Qld Parliament 31/7/01
Newman, J Resignation 1/2/02 Colbeck, R M Tas Governor 4/2/02
Gibson, B F Resignation 22/2/02 Barnett, G Tas Lieutenant-Governor 26/2/02
Herron, J J Resignation 5/9/02 Santoro, S Qld Parliament 29/10/02
Reid, M E Resignation 14/2/03 Humphries, G J J ACT Legislative Assembly 18/2/03
Alston, R K R Resignation 10/2/04 Fifield, M P Vic Parliament 31/3/04
Tierney, J W Resignation 14/4/05 Fierravanti-Wells, C A NSW Parliament 5/5/05
Mackay, S M Resignation 29/7/05 Brown, C L Tas Parliament 25/8/05
Hill, R Resignation 15/3/06 Bernardi, C SA Parliament 4/5/06
Ferris, J M Death 2/4/07 Birmingham, S J SA Parliament 3/5/07
Santoro, S Resignation 11/4/07 Boyce, S K Qld Parliament 19/4/07
Vanstone, A Resignation 26/4/07 Fisher, M J SA Parliament 6/6/07
Campbell, I G Resignation 31/5/07 Cormann, M H P WA Parliament 19/6/07
Calvert, P H Resignation 29/8/07 Bushby, D C Tas Parliament 30/8/07
Ray, R F Resignation 5/5/08 Collins, J M A Vic Parliament 8/5/08
Ellison, C M Resignation 30/1/09 Back, C J WA Parliament 11/3/09
Coonan, H L Resignation 22/8/11 Sinodinos, A NSW Parliament 13/10/11
Arbib, M Resignation 5/3/12 Carr, R J NSW Parliament 6/3/12
Adams, J Death 31/3/12 Smith, D A WA Parliament 2/5/12
Sherry, N Resignation 01/06/12 Thorp, L E Tas Parliament 20/6/12
Brown, R J Resignation 15/06/12 Whish-Wilson,P S Tas Parliament 20/6/12
Fisher, M J Resignation 14/8/12 Ruston, A S SA Parliament 5/9/12
Evans, C V Resignation 12/4/13 Lines, S WA Parliament 15/5/13
Joyce, B T Resignation 8/8/13 O'Sullivan, B J Qld Parliament 11/2/14
Thistlethwaite, M J Resignation 9/8/13 Dastyari, S NSW Parliament 21/8/13
Feeney, D I Resignation 12/8/13 Tillem, M Vic Parliament 21/8/13
Carr, R J Resignation 24/10/13 O'Neill, D
O'Neill, D
NSW Parliament
NSW Parliament
Faulkner, J P Resignation 6/2/15 McAllister, J NSW Parliament 6/5/15
*Lundy, K.A. Resignation 24/3/15 Gallagher, K ACT Legislative Assembly 25/3/15
Mason, B J Resignation 15/4/15 Lindgren, J M Qld Parliament 21/5/15
Milne, C Resignation 10/8/15 McKim, N J Tas Parliament 19/8/15
Wright, P Resignation 10/9/15 Simms, R A SA Parliament 22/9/15
Ronaldson, M Resignation 28/2/16 Paterson, J Vic Parliament 9/3/16
Bullock, J W Resignation 13/4/16 Dodson, P L D WA Parliament 28/4/16
Conroy, S M Resignation 30/9/16 Kitching, K Vic Parliament 25/10/16
Back, C J Resignation 31/7/17 Brockman W E WA Parliament 15/8/17
Xenphon N. Resignation 31/7/17 Patrick R.L. SA Parliament 14/11/17
Dastyari S. Resignation 25/1/18 Keneally K.K. NSW Parliament 14/2/18
Brandis G. Resignation 7/2/18 Stoker A.J. Qld Parliament 21/3/18
Rhiannon L. Resignation 15/8/18 Faruqi M.S. NSW Parliament 15/8/18
Bartlett A.J.J Resignation 27/8/18 Waters L.J. Qld Parliament 6/9/18
Bushby D.C. Resignation 21/1/19 Askew W.A. Tas Governor 6/3/19
Collins J.M.A. Resignation 15/2/19 Ciccone R. Vic Parliament 6/3/19
Leyonhjelm D.E. Resignation 1/3/19 Spender D. NSW Governor 20/3/19
Fifield, M.P. Resignation 16/8/19 Henderson, S.M.. Vic Parliament 11/9/19
Sinodinos, A. Resignation 11/11/19 Molan, A.J. NSW Parliament 15/11/19
Bernardi, C. Resignation 20/1/20 McLachlan, A.L. SA Parliament 6/2/20
Di Natale, R. Resignation 26/8/20 Thorpe, L.A. Vic Parliament 7/9/20
Cormann, M.H.P. Resignation 6/11/20 Small, B.J. WA Parliament 25/11/20
Gallacher, A.M. Death 29/8/21 Grogan, K.A SA Parliament  23/9/21
Siewert, R.M. Resignation 6/9/21 Cox, D.R. WA Parliament  14/9/21
Ryan, S.M. Resigation 13/10/21 Mirabella, G.F. Vic Parliament  2/12/21
Kitching, K.J.E Death 10/3/22 Stewart,J.N.A Vic Parliament  6/4/22
Keneally, K.K Resignation 13/4/22 Not replaced by Parliament  NSW  
Small, B.J. Resignation 15/4/22 Small, B.J. WA Parliament  18/5/22

* ACT Senator

  1. Court of Disputed Returns found W.R. Wood had not been elected validly (12.05.88).
    I.P. Dunn was elected on 21.07.88 pursuant to s. 360(1)(vi) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act.
  2. RJ Carr resigned from current term and also in respect of term commencing on 1 July 2014 to which he had been elected. D. O'Neill chosen to fill both vacancies.