Harry Evans - Former Clerk of the Senate

Harry Evans is the longest serving Clerk of the Senate (1988 – 2009). This page contains a collection of his published writing.

Harry Evans - Former Clerk of the Senate
Harry Evans - Former Clerk of the Senate

"Harry was known – notorious even in some circles – as a defender of the Senate and the rights of individual senators as he worked tirelessly to assist them to perform their constitutional duties. He was fearless in emphasising the necessary distinction between the parliament and the executive, even though that made him unpopular with various governments over the years.

Parliament is a place where words matter and Harry will long be remembered as a master wordsmith. In his numerous published and unpublished writings, he explained complex constitutional and procedural matters with clarity, logic and style."

Dr Rosemary Laing, former Clerk of the Senate

Published work by Harry Evans

Document Title Year Format
Accountability and Corporate Governance in the new Parliament 2008 HTML
ARC Research Project: The Senate, Accountability and Government Control 2008 HTML
The Australian Parliament: Time for reformation 2002 PDF 23KB
The Senate, Accountability and Government Control 2008 PDF 1.2MB
Association of Parliamentary Libraries of Australasia Conference, 26 July 2007 2007 HTML
Canberra Day Oration 2009: The intertwined history of Canberra and the Parliament 2009 HTML
Constitutionalism, Bicameralism and the Control of Power 2006 HTML
Elections: Constitutional Complexities and Consequences 2007 HTML
Ethics and Public Service Governance 2006 HTML
Federalism: an idea whose time has come? 1997 HTML
GetUp! Seminar on the Senate 2007 HTML
The Government Majority in the Senate: A Nail in the coffin of Responsible Government? 2006 HTML
Monarchical and Parliamentary Government in Australia 2006 HTML
Parliament in the Twenty-first Century: Institutional Reform and Emerging Roles by John Halligan, Robin Miller and John Power, Book Launch, University of Canberra 2007 HTML
Senate estimates hearings and the Government majority in the Senate, National Press Club 2006 HTML
Parliamentary Privilege: The Reasons of Mr Justice Cantor—An Analysis 1986 PDF 113KB
Parliamentary Privilege: Reasons of Mr Justice Hunt—An Analysis 1987 PDF 171KB
Parliamentary Privilege and Statutory Secrecy Provisions 1992 PDF 88KB
1975 Revisited: Lost Causes and Lost Remedies 1995 PDF 84KB
Protection of Persons Who Provide Information to Members 1997 PDF 136KB
Bad King John and the Australian Constitution 1997 PDF 132KB
Franca Arena and Parliamentary Privilege 1998 PDF 115KB
Constitution, Section 57: Comments on Article by George Williams 1997 PDF 76KB
The Other Metropolis: The Australian Founders‘ Knowledge of America 1998 PDF 511KB
Reasonably Necessary Powers: Parliamentary Inquiries and Egan v Willis and Cahill 1999 PDF 82KB
Enough of Executive Arrogance?: Egan v Chadwick and Others 1999 PDF 82KB
The Australian Constitution and the 1911 Myth 2000 PDF 71KB
The 1911 Myth Embellished, by Gough 2000 PDF 67KB
The Role of the Senate 2001 PDF 95KB
An Elected President for an Australian Republic: Problems and Solutions 2001 PDF 98KB
Hobbes Versus Madison and Isaacs Versus Baker: Contrary Theories and Practices in Australian Democracy 2001 PDF 123KB
Bryce‘s Bible: Why Did It Impress the Australian Founders? 2001 PDF 148KB
The Pedigree of the Practices: Parliamentary Manuals and Australian Government 2002 PDF 121KB
Fitzpatrick and Browne: Imprisonment by a House of the Parliament 2003 PDF 121KB
The Traditional, the Quaint and the Useful: Pitfalls of Reforming Parliamentary Procedures 2004 PDF 87KB
Having the Numbers Means Not Having to Explain: The Effect of the Government Majority in the Senate 2007 PDF 118KB
Parliamentary Reform: New Directions and Possibilities for Reform of Parliamentary Processes 1992 HTML
Parliament: An Unreformable Institution 1992 HTML
Electing a President: the elite versus the public 1995 HTML
The Australian Head of State: Putting Republicanism into the Republic 1996 HTML
Parliamentary Privilege and Search Warrants: Will the US Supreme Court Legislate for Australia? 2008 HTML
Legislative Power and Executive Privilege in the Courts 2008 HTML
The Senate's Power to Obtain Evidence 2010 HTML
Bills of Rights and Legislative Scrutiny: Two different worlds 2009 HTML

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