Research Papers 2000–01

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Title Number Date
Globalisation: Perceptions and Threats to National Government in Australia [HTML] [PDF 183KB] (Abstract) 27 26.06.2001
Parliament's Development of Federalism [HTML] [PDF 176KB] (Abstract) 26 26.06.2001
As it was in the Beginning (Parliament House in 1927) [HTML] [PDF 646KB] (Abstract) 25 27.03.2001
Sustainable Development and the Australian Minerals Sector [HTML] [PDF 190KB] (Abstract) 24 06.03.2001
Is it Medically Legitimate to Provide Assisted Reproductive Treatments to Fertile Lesbians and Single Women? [HTML] [PDF 199KB] (Abstract) 23 27.02.2001
Superannuation: Taxation Issues and Discussion of Proposals for Reform [HTML] [PDF 129KB] (Abstract) 22 27.02.2001
East Timor: Land Issues in a Newly Independent East Timor [HTML] [PDF 128KB] (Abstract) 21 06.02.2001
The Developing Policy Pressures in Australian Coastal Surveillance [HTML] [PDF 306KB] (Abstract) 20 06.02.2001
Commonwealth General Purpose Financial Assistance to Local Government [HTML] [PDF 121KB] (Abstract) 19 06.02.2001
Australia 2020: Foresight For Our Future [HTML] [PDF 109KB] (Abstract) 18 06.02.2001
Genetically Modified Governance Issues [HTML] [PDF 407KB] (Abstract) 17 06.02.2001
The US National Missile Defense Program: Vital Shield or Modern Day Maginot Line? [HTML] [PDF 264KB] (Abstract) 16 05.12.2000
China and Taiwan—From Flashpoint to Redefining One China [HTML] [PDF 365KB] (Abstract) 15 07.11.2000
Power: Relations Between the Parliament and the Executive [HTML] [PDF 172KB] (Abstract) 14 07.11.2000
Parliament and Administrative Law [HTML] [PDF 352KB] (Abstract) 13 07.11.2000
Postcodes in Electoral Divisions (2000 Electoral Boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 118KB] (Abstract) 12 07.11.2000
Electorate Rankings: Census 1996 (2000 Electoral Boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 996KB] (Abstract) 11 07.11.2000
The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia and Indigenous Peoples 1901–1967 [HTML] [PDF 475KB] (Abstract) 10 31.10.2000
Resolving Deadlocks in the Australian Parliament [HTML] [PDF 202KB] (Abstract) 9 31.10.2000
Renewable Energy Used for Electricity Generation in Australia [HTML] [PDF 135KB] (Abstract) 8 10.10.2000
Executive and High Court Appointments [HTML] [PDF 205KB] (Abstract) 7 10.10.2000
Petrol and Diesel Excises [HTML] [PDF 100KB] (Abstract) 6 03.10.2000
The Problem with the 1951 Refugee Convention [HTML] [PDF 188KB] (Abstract) 5 05.09.2000
Four-year Terms for the House of Representative [HTML] [PDF 182KB] (Abstract) 4 15.08.2000
The Parliament as Partner: A Century of Constitutional Review [HTML] [PDF 221KB] (Abstract) 3 15.08.2000
Deadlock? What Deadlock? Section 57 at the Centenary of Federation [HTML] [PDF 168KB] (Abstract) 2 27.07.2000
Parliamentary Privilege [HTML] [PDF 189KB] (Abstract) 1 27.07.2000