Budget Review April 2022–23

Research Branch

April 2022 [PDF 2.8MB

Budget overview

Australian Government debt
Fiscal overview
Historical Australian Government Data (longer term historical data and charts) [excel]
Macroeconomic Outlook
Revenue and expenditure

Policy and budget measure briefs

Economics, finance and infrastructure

Cost of living measures
Environmental market measures
Infrastructure expenditure over the next decade
Regional Australia measures
Regional telecommunications measures
The impact of housing measures

Education, media and arts

Apprenticeship incentives
Arts and culture
Media sector reforms
Schools and students
Skills training

Environment, science and energy

Great Barrier Reef
Science and Research

Foreign affairs, defence and security

Cybersecurity package
Defence overview
Foreign affairs overview
Foreign aid budget
Veterans’ Affairs

Health, ageing and disability

Aged care
Health overview
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Stage 2
Public health and women’s health

Indigenous Affairs

Indigenous Affairs: health, culture and language, housing, justice and safety
Indigenous Affairs: leadership, land, economic development and education

Law, justice and immigration

Australian Human Rights Commission
Building Australia’s circular waste economy
Legal aid and legal assistance services
Legal Support for the Office of the Special Investigator: Alleged War Crimes in Afghanistan

Public Sector

Procurement, and selected public sector ICT initiatives
Public sector staffing and resourcing

Social services and welfare

Changes to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme
Social security
Women’s safety

Budget concept articles

See also the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) Online budget glossary, which explains key terms related to the Commonwealth Government budget in a non-technical way.


Navigating the Budget Papers (Parliamentary network access only)

These short training videos are a Guide to navigating the individual Budget papers. They are designed to highlight key information in the Budget Papers and explain where to find the information and how to interpret it.  

Budget special—threats to and opportunities for the Australian economy
Wednesday 16 March 
Presented by Dr Sarah Hunter, Nick Marro & David Pearce 

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