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Title   Date
Retirement travel 253KB  78KB 28.06.2013
Vehicle fuel efficiency standards 575KB  563KB 28.06.2013
Health care for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island 295KB  102KB 28.06.2013 
Sports funding: federal balancing act 1.94MB  1138KB 27.06.2013
Funding the National Plan for School Improvement: an explanation 263KB  94KB 26.06.2013
Emissions trading schemes around the world 918KB  223KB 6.06.2013
It’s complicated: a timeline of Australia–Iran relations in a historical perspective 703KB  176KB 9.05.2013
Western Australian State Election 2013 410KB 156KB 2.05.2013 

Tracking the push for an Australian republic 556KB  835KB

The house that ASIO built—a short history of the new Central Office of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation 975KB  1466KB 22.04.2013
Immigration detention in Australia 517KB  130KB 20.03.2013 
Australia’s Parliament House—more than 25 years in the making! 14.03.2013
Australian Government funding for schools explained: 2013 update 672KB  203KB 8.03.2013 
The Commonwealth efficiency dividend: an overview 275KB  71KB 13.12.2012
ACT Election 2012 499KB  451KB 10.12.2012
Skilled migration: temporary and permanent flows to Australia 644KB  451KB 6.12.2012
Social security payments for the unemployed, the sick and those in special circumstances, 1942 to 2012: a chronology  725KB 152KB 4.12.2012
Northern Territory Election 2012 448KB  567KB 31.10.2012
Australia’s evolving relationship with the European Union: an update 389KB  94KB 25.10.2012
Telecommunications data retention—an overview 351KB  83KB 24.10.2012
e-voting: the promise and the practice 388KB  93KB 15.10.2012
Media reviews: all sound and fury? 244KB  1140KB 05.10.2012
Australian Government assistance to refugees: fact versus fiction  244KB  70KB 28.09.2012
Commonwealth Indigenous-specific expenditure 1968–2012 1706KB  1083KB 28.09.2012
Crunch time—apple imports 1714KB  1105KB 19.09.2012

Codes of conduct in Australian and selected overseas parliaments 683KB 132 KB

Australia at war in Afghanistan: revised facts and figures 687KB  888KB 12.09.2012 
State statistical bulletin 2010–11 903KB  1419KB 6.09.2012
Community cabinets in Australia  343KB  86KB 22.08.2012
Superannuation benefits for senators and members elected before 2004 291KB  70KB 17.08.2012
Australia and the Middle East conflict: a history of key Government statements (1947–2007) 448KB  103KB 13.08.2012
The Joint Strike Fighter: overview and status 253KB  69KB 26.07.2012
The immigration debate in Australia: from Federation to World War One 432KB  76KB 16.07.2012
International responses to the Syrian uprising: March 2011-June 2012 432KB  95KB 13.07.2012
Second Sydney Airport: a decade of deferral 2002–2012  601KB  270KB 10.07.2012