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50 years of government responses to Senate committee reports

In just over 6 months, the 47th Parliament has established close to 70 committees and tabled more than 70 reports across the Senate and House of Representatives committees. However, once a committee tables a report with recommendations, what’s next? This question was raised 50 years ago and led to a resolution requiring the Government to respond to Senate committees’ recommendations, as will be discussed in this Flagpost article. Read more...

Opening of the 47th Parliament

Opening of the 47th Parliament

Following the 21 May 2022 federal election, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, stated that the new Parliament would first meet on 26 July 2022—106 days after the previous Parliament was dissolved. The opening of a new Parliament proceeds according to constitutional requirements, House of Representatives and Senate standing orders and resolutions, and long-standing ceremonial practices. This Flagpost article outlines and contextualises these aspects prior to the new parliament opening later this month. Read more...

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