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‘Twin track diplomacy’: The Chinese Communist Party’s International Department steps up activities in the Pacific region

A little remarked upon feature of Chinese regional diplomacy has been on show recently. While China’s regular foreign ministry establishment, led by the Foreign Minister, maintains the country’s network of embassies and leads international negotiations, the Chinese Communist Party has its own parallel track to formal national diplomacy – the International Department. The Department has been active in both Australia and the region in its efforts to build relationships and this briefing provides a snapshot of the organisation and its work. Read more...

Whats New in Statistics . . . June

In this month’s release: homicides in Australia and an article about rental comparisons in regional and capital city areas.   Read more...

How Garden Island became the Garden Island Defence Precinct

Sydney’s Garden Island Defence Precinct has been an important naval base since 1856, and its significance seems likely to grow with Defence Minister Richard Marles’s announcement in February 2024 of a further $11.1 billion to more than double the Australian naval fleet. This follows the Albanese Government’s adoption of the Independent analysis of Navy’s surface combatant fleet recommendation to acquire 11 Tier 2 surface combatants, a number of which seem likely to be homeported in Sydney.  Read more...

'A sense of place': analysing geographic portfolios

In early March 2024, the Opposition established a Shadow Minister for Western Sydney to ‘signal very clearly our intention to make great inroads’ into that area. While this is the first instance of Western Sydney being a specific portfolio, other examples of geographic portfolios have existed for over a hundred years, in both government and shadow ministries. This Flagpost provides an overview analysis of these, including the various motivations for their creation. Read more...

'Convoluted and Byzantine': Federal Court calls for better scrutiny of laws by ministers and parliament

The Federal Court has called for better scrutiny of ‘convoluted’ child support laws, saying such complex legislation puts governance in jeopardy. Read more...

Nature Positive reforms – April 2024 update

On 16 April 2024 the Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek announced the ‘second stage’ of the Albanese Government’s Nature Positive reforms. The minister said the changes ‘will deliver stronger environment powers, faster environment approvals, and better environment information and transparency’. Read more...

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