Australian elections in the next four years

There are between four and seven elections at the federal, state/territory or local government level each year. From now to the end of 2015 there will be one federal election, eight state or territory elections and seven local council elections. This does not include supplementary elections, by-elections or separate legislative council elections.
By the end of 2012 there will have been three state/territory elections (Queensland in March, the Northern Territory in August and the Australian Capital Territory in October) and four sets of local council elections across the Northern Territory in March, Queensland in April, New South Wales in September and Victoria in October.

In 2013 four elections are due, including a Federal election in the latter half of the year between August and November, a Western Australian state election in March and local council elections for Western Australia and Tasmania in October.
In 2014 there will be three state elections (South Australia in March, Tasmania by the end of May and Victoria in November) along with local government elections for South Australia in November.
A further four elections are due in 2015: a New South Wales state election in March, a Queensland state election by the end of June and local government elections for Western Australia and Tasmania in October.
The table below sets out the timeline of elections in all jurisdictions for the years 2012 to 2015.
Election Date (actual or due)
Jurisdiction and Type of Election
24 March
Northern Territory (local)
Queensland (state)
28 April
Queensland (local)
25 August
Northern Territory (territory)
8 September
New South Wales (local)
20 October
Australian Capital Territory (territory)
9-26; 27 October
Victoria (local)
9 March
Western Australia (state)
Between 3 August and 30 November
Federal (House of Representatives and half-Senate)
19 October
Western Australia (local)
15-29 October
Tasmania (local)
15 March
South Australia (state)
By 24 May
Tasmania (state)
7 November
South Australia (local)
29 November
Victoria (state)
28 March
New South Wales (state)
By 20 June
Queensland (state)
17 October
Western Australia (local)
13-27 October
Tasmania (local)

A revised version of the Parliamentary Library publication Australian elections timetable outlines when the next federal, state, territory and local government elections are due. It takes account of the recent Queensland state election and provides new information on local council elections along with a timeline of elections across all jurisdictions for the next few years.


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