Federal election 2010 - retirements

A number of Members and Senators have announced their intention not to re-contest the upcoming federal election. Nineteen Members of the House of Representatives (12.6% of the 150 seat chamber) and five Senators (6.5% of the 76 seat chamber) have indicated that they will retire at the election:

House of Representatives
  • Bailey, Fran (Liberal, McEwen)
  • Bidgood, James (ALP, Dawson)
  • Campbell, Jodie (ALP, Bass)
  • Debus, Bob (ALP, Macquarie)
  • Ellis, Annette (ALP, Canberra)
  • Farmer, Pat (Liberal, Macarthur)
  • George, Jenny (ALP, Throsby)
  • Georgiou, Petro (Liberal, Kooyong)
  • Hawker, David (Liberal, Wannon)
  • Hull, Kay (Nationals, Riverina)
  • Irwin, Julia (ALP, Fowler)
  • Kerr, Duncan (ALP, Denison)
  • Lindsay, Peter (Liberal, Herbert)
  • May, Margaret (Liberal, McPherson)
  • McMullan, Bob (ALP, Fraser)
  • Pearce, Chris (Liberal, Aston)
  • Price, Roger (ALP, Chifley)
  • Tanner, Lindsay (ALP, Melbourne)
  • Vale, Danna (Liberal, Hughes)
  • Ferguson, Alan (Liberal, South Australia)
  • Forshaw, Michael (ALP, New South Wales)
  • Hurley, Annette (ALP, South Australia)
  • Minchin, Nick (Liberal, South Australia)
  • Troeth, Judith (Liberal, Victoria)
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